Really cute trail with nice views! not a strenuous walk/hike by any means, perfect for a casual afternoon for any population. Lots of people doing photo shoots there!

4 months ago

Beautiful waterfall for taking scenic pictures and enjoy a relaxing day. It was a bit short for hiking.

5 months ago

Nice scenic hiking trail along the creek. Very easy and trails aren't too overgrown.

Easy trail , fun for a day of just casual walking and relaxing . My dog loved it the water is very accessible in many areas.

Easy hike, peaceful, some fishing there too

peaceful, easy hike.

Very easy trail. Ends at the dog park in the Amherst State Park.

Really small, not impressive at all

Park is small with nice view of waterfalls. Great place to just sit and relax. Across the Street is Amherst State Park which has a few miles of trails.

Fun bring camera and bread for the ducks!

Short not exciting

Very nice park to walk around and see the amazing water fall in the middle of town. Not much to see in a hike but worth checking it out. Trails easy to follow.

Full of memories- my hometown park.

Small park, nothing there to really consider a "Hike". Very nice waterfall though.

3 years ago

Very pretty, clean and beautiful. For a trail / park in the middle of the city it was impressive. Also, it being my first official trail, I was impressed and pleased by it being better than I expected.

4 years ago

It's pretty but small. I would call it a park more than a place to hike. My suggestion would be to go out for a Saturday or Sunday lunch or dinner at the Creekview restaurant across main street from the park, and either check out the park before or after. Not worth a long drive out if you live far away if you are just coming for the park.

5 years ago

Very public area. with alot of running trails along the creek that you can rome around aswell. the waterfall is wirth checking out though.

5 years ago

Very pretty park, would visit again.