Nice views

Went today for second time. Great hike. Should be rated moderate, coming out it's a short but up hill. Wear proper shoes. Saw a grandma trying to hike it in heals. May get your feet wet but great hike.

2 months ago

3 months ago

Best place ever

One of my favourite trails. Easy access, quiet and safe

Since there we barely got rain this summer, it looks pretty dried up. Beautiful easy trail, good for dogs too :)

bring lighter

Beautiful. Total peace.

4 months ago

Great hike!

5 months ago

It was a lot harder than I expected but for my first trail I loved it

Very nice easy walk.

This, to me, was not easy. But so worth the hike!

Fun hike but you want to go early to avoid the crowds. Narrow path and only one way in and out.

6 months ago

Lots of hiking, very easy to spend a day here. Though I haven't camped, the campsites looked to be very secluded in the woods (though near the road, still very nice). We saw the Eternal Flame once, which was neat. It's a beautiful short hike through a small gorge, pretty much in a creek. Super fun! Can be very slippery though. We usually avoid that trail when we go now, only because it's very crowded, lots of people. However there are many different parts to the Eternal Flame Trail, it's very long. So we go now to hike the rest of the trail, and avoid the main path to the Eternal Flame. The rest of the hike is not at all crowded, we just went yesterday during Memorial Day weekend and only saw a handful of people. Very nice, long hike trail, lots of little creeks, lots of geocaching, well maintained park. Best to pin where you parked on Google though as there are many splits on the trail, so it can be easy to lose your car!