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did this hike December 1st 2016. The view from Giant ledge was absolutely amazing. The view from Panther mountain was OK but the ledge is small and there were trees cleared to provide a better view. I think a little more trees need to be cleared for a better view. My girlfriend and I completed the entire hike in 4.5 hours but we took it easy. Overall it's not a difficult hike. The ascent in the beginning was the hardest part and the rest was pretty easy. The trail was very muddy but it wasn't a big deal. If I do it again I'll just go as far as the Giant Ledge which was well worth the hike.

From Giant Ledge there are nice views of the surrounding Catskills. I did it on December 1st - a weekday so there were no crowds. I was hoping for a more challenging hike though. Panther is on the easy side of moderate.

This was actually my very first time hiking a mountain. My boyfriend is an outdoors guy and I'm getting into these activities now. Let me tell you that it was hard but I did it! I'm terrified of heights (there were only two areas where it was steep and we had to climb rocks) and this was a mental a physical challenge for me but I'm proud to say that I did it. Thanks to my boyfriend's support also! I'm glad I started my first adventure on a trail classified as "hard". This trail is awesome, it's a hard hike, lots of rocks at some points but very rewarding when you get to the top of the mountain. Beautiful view!

Hiked the trail this weekend with my three kids and a friend. We did the entire 8.6 mile loop and with lunch took 4.5 hours. The trail starts off long and gradual along a gully that crosses a few small streams. Once at the loop the trail climbs up and requires going up a few staircases that are pretty steep but short. The views from the top are decent but not expansive as there are trees that have grown to cover some of the scenery. We then decended by going down and around the top loop which meets back at the long trail down to the carpark. Very nice trail and some nice snow up top that was not at the bottom.

Pretty straight up for a long while — but great views along the way, and beautiful summit.

Although it was covered in snow. It was worth the hike.

Did a short section of the Devils Path on the return from Hunter Mtn. Was very rocky and was in a gully. There were many chances to bypass the gully by walking on the edges. Rough on the knees as you rock hop down the trail trying to avoid the leaves that cover the loss rock underneath.

This trail was breathtaking. Just challenging enough to put your body to the test but nothing to strenuous. My 12 week old puppy was able to accomplish 3/4 of the loop before retiring to her bag. There are quite a few sheer rock cliffs you have to climb (the most challenging parts) so your pooch might need a lift during those. The views were astonishing and the lake was gorgeous. It was quiet without a lot of foot traffic which was great for someone like me who loves the peace and quiet of the woods. You'd pass someone every mile or so, so not bad. The trail is long and some of the overlooks are offshoots of the trail so you have to add that into your mileage. This has been one of my favorite hikes so far! Highly recommend!

Great views of the Catskills both from the scenic overlooks and the tower itself. If you're a frequent hiker or are doing this as part of the fire tower challenge I would recommend going during the winter as parking is limited and this is a VERY popular hike.

This, so far, is my favorite hike in New York. The hike wasn't very difficult at all and there was so much to see and do. First there's the abandoned hotel to explore, then you can conquer the fire tower, and finish off with an amazing view. At first I was a little wary of the rattlesnake warnings but we didn't see one the whole time, so as long as you keep your eyes open for one I wouldn't worry about them.

Great spot
Trail has easy terrain to navigate but it's steep
And couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day

30 days ago

Thank you Kevin k

My friend and I hiked Giant and Panther today with clear blue skies and occasional fair weather clouds. Temps in the high 40's and about a 5 hour trek. Terrific vistas especially on East side of Giant. We reached Panther peak (no real signs to mark summit) and enjoyed some good vistas north and east back towards Hudson valley and Kingston in the distance. Met quite a few hikers who ventured up from NYC or Westchester county, including a delightful lunch with two of them on Panther summit. The only caveat is to be careful on descent when blue trail turns back to yellow, as there are 2 yellow trails...one that heads to Slide parking lot and one back to Giant Ledge parking near hairpin curve in road on County route 47. Easy to take the wrong one if you're not paying attention!

1 month ago

Hiked it with my two sons. Tough with loose stones covered in leaves but we had a great time.

We turned this hike into a loop by coming back on the Devil’s Path. The Spruceton Trail is not technically difficult but the gradient gradually increases to 20%. There is a water source on the trail and a shelter. The mountain gets crowded on the weekends. At the top there is a Fire Tower, picnic table and caretaker’s cabin. We had lunch on the front porch of the cabin. The spur trail to the Devil’s path was flooded and we spent a lot of time doing walk-arounds. The rocks on the Devil’s Path inflamed my knee and Plantar Fasciitis to the point where if I were to do this hike again, I would go up the Devil’s Path and down the Spruceton Trail.