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Pretty easy walk up . Beautiful views at the top and what a day blue skies plenty of sun and cool and crisp .

this was a great hike! I'm unsure why people said it was boring. there were great views and interesting things the whole way up the trail. the scenic overlook was amazing as well as the firetower and the ruins were a great bonus. easy trail! please follow the leave no trace policy, so much trash and dog poop. really not that hard to walk your dog away from the trail. other than that conditions were a bit icy, needed spikes. definitely returning in the summer.

This mountain ain't no joke people. Straight up the entire way, no switchbacks and very few moments of relief. This trail is definitely for experienced hikers only. Giving it 3 stars just because of the difficulty. Took us 10 hours to complete. We went yesterday (January 2017) so if you're doing this hike in the winter microspikes are a MUST. We wouldn't have been able to complete it without them. LOTS of ice. The trail was gorgeous, especially towards the top, but it snowed the entire time and therefore obstructed our view at the summit. But the pines covered in snow and ice made up for it. So in summary, beautiful but not for the faint of heart.

There are two routes to the peak. A road route from the south (which I can not vouch for) and a trailed route from the North off of Dinch Road. Route from the Trailhead was standard. Road down to the trailhead is not plowed in winter so expect an additional .5 miles one way. One of the better maintained Firetowers and Cabins, Doug does a good job here.

January 6 - Single digit's, fresh layer of snow. Clear sunny day with great visibility. Snowshoes not needed but micro's a must.

Easy walk up. Trail itself is somewhat boring until you get to the hotel, fire tower and lookout point. They are the prime reason I gave it a 3.

Combined with West Kill

Short hike up, but challenging, mostly uphill

December 3, light snow, good views of big slide. First hike in the Catskills. Will return in the summer!

The trail crosses a river and ascends a series of stone steps. It is steep at first but when you get to the top of the ledges it levels off. Footing isn't the greatest if you are not stepping on roots then you are stepping on rocks. At the trail junction we made a right to go up Wittenberg but we were turned around by the weather. If you make a left at the junction you will come to a shelter with a fire pit in about a mile. The shelter sleeps 6.

did this hike December 1st 2016. The view from Giant ledge was absolutely amazing. The view from Panther mountain was OK but the ledge is small and there were trees cleared to provide a better view. I think a little more trees need to be cleared for a better view. My girlfriend and I completed the entire hike in 4.5 hours but we took it easy. Overall it's not a difficult hike. The ascent in the beginning was the hardest part and the rest was pretty easy. The trail was very muddy but it wasn't a big deal. If I do it again I'll just go as far as the Giant Ledge which was well worth the hike.

From Giant Ledge there are nice views of the surrounding Catskills. I did it on December 1st - a weekday so there were no crowds. I was hoping for a more challenging hike though. Panther is on the easy side of moderate.

This was actually my very first time hiking a mountain. My boyfriend is an outdoors guy and I'm getting into these activities now. Let me tell you that it was hard but I did it! I'm terrified of heights (there were only two areas where it was steep and we had to climb rocks) and this was a mental a physical challenge for me but I'm proud to say that I did it. Thanks to my boyfriend's support also! I'm glad I started my first adventure on a trail classified as "hard". This trail is awesome, it's a hard hike, lots of rocks at some points but very rewarding when you get to the top of the mountain. Beautiful view!

Hiked the trail this weekend with my three kids and a friend. We did the entire 8.6 mile loop and with lunch took 4.5 hours. The trail starts off long and gradual along a gully that crosses a few small streams. Once at the loop the trail climbs up and requires going up a few staircases that are pretty steep but short. The views from the top are decent but not expansive as there are trees that have grown to cover some of the scenery. We then decended by going down and around the top loop which meets back at the long trail down to the carpark. Very nice trail and some nice snow up top that was not at the bottom.

Pretty straight up for a long while — but great views along the way, and beautiful summit.