Buttermilk Falls State Park takes its name from the foaming cascade formed by Buttermilk Creek as it flows down the steep valley side toward Cayuga Lake. The upper park has a small lake, hiking trails through woodlands and along the gorge and rim, picnic areas and playing fields. The lower park has a campground, pool and playing fields, beyond which is Larch Meadows. Larch Meadows is a moist, shady glen and wetland area through which a nature trail winds. Park activities, including tours through Buttermilk gorge, which are offered weekly from July 4th through Labor Day.

The hike is extremely steep for the first half a mile or so, but it flattens out a bit once you get going. When the river is drier, you can walk across to the other side and explore, or just follow the river itself upstream. It's beautiful hike!

this was so much fun. long hike lots of up hill very beautiful

Nice trail though no water this time. Part is closed for hunting season but can easily be rerouted. Going to come back and check out in the winter I bet it is awesome all 4 seasons.

Lots of steps, but worth the climb. Not much water flowing, but still a very beautiful and enjoyable hike.

Short but pretty not as nice as Robert h treman

VERY enjoyable and beautiful!! The stairs are definitely a climb and a bit challenging if you're an asthmatic like me but the climb is SOOO worth it. There are several waterfalls along with natural pools (careful though the rock floor can be slippery) overall I loved the time that was spent here.

2 months ago

Beautiful humid September day. Didn't expect to sweat quite so much! Gorgeous hike and view even though water was so low this year.

Gorgeous falls and a really well maintained trails

Very nice hike! People jump in the water at different points! I am not that adventurous and will not be trying that any time soon!

Simply a great trail

Too bad there is a drought in the area, it would be fanatastic. But now only a little stream...

The falls were amazing! There are a lot of stairs but you can bypass a lot of them by going to the lower park entrance

My favorite place on Earth❤️

great rugged trail

I'm loving this one