Tick infested......... wouldn't recommend this place for no ☝️

one of the best places for trail riding.

Easy trail to walk. Bug spray is a must and pants if its not too hot. Some great views of the river and plenty of wildlife around. Deer, Osprey, Turkeys, Chipmunks are just some of the wildlife to be seen. Some unmarked trails branch off the main trails. The parks recently reopened trout hatchery is also an enjoyable stop.

For someone getting into hiking, this is a great park to start. Very flat with great views of the river. 3 main trails to walk on. Definitely will go back!

Great for walking and hiking, however if you are unfamiliar with the area and the trails you may get lost. We tried to follow the red trail but ended up on the blue trail and then finished on the green trail. A little confusing, but overall great place to explore. Tons of wildlife so it is definitely a beautiful experience!

Lots of ticks but really pretty views

I was off trail while hiking here and doing some photography I found one tick between me and my girlfriend. Wear long pants and make sure you check yourself over and the ticks won't be an issue. Other then that trails are nice a little sparsely marked but not the worst I've seen. Tons of wildlife out there to see.

Sand paths and ticks for days. Will probably never go back.

** TICKS GALORE *** we walked about 1,000 feet on the trail. When we stopped, everyone was full of ticks! turned around and left! full of Deer and TICKS!!

Started at the Vets Hwy entrance. Did the blue trail. Lots of ticks, sand.

This place is infested with TICKS! I was there for about an hour and a half walking the yellow and red trail .. And when I left I was covered with ticks crawling on me and two actually bit me. I had to pull them off my skin. Although the ticks were probably only attatched to me for about an hour or 2 I'm afraid of possibly contracting Lyme disease from these deer ticks. I will NOT be going back there. I stayed on trail, didn't go near any trees bushes or high grasses nothing and I somehow still got ticks all over me.

Watch out for ticks here. Stay to the trail, don't go off into the brush. Lyme's disease is a real problem on LI. I did a mile walk up the yellow trail and back. They give you a trail map at the front gate. There is a short loop (2.5) miles around the pond, or a longer 5 mile walk or a really long 8 mile walk. I have not had a chance to try the longer ones. I would go in winter to do those- so there is no chance of ticks. I don't love the trees here, I think there are nicer parks around. The old Hunting Lodge is cool- the Vanderbilts (from Idle Hour, now Dowling college) and the Roosevelts and other well to do families used to meet up here in the early 1900's. There is a fee to park. If you have the NY state park pass ($65/year) it is free to get in.

Nice hike. Several trails to choose from. Good for all skill levels. Plenty of wildlife. Herds of deer. Be careful of the bucks during rut, they're not too friendly. Good fishing if you should choose to do so. A good break from the mountains. Diverse conditions. One of Long Islands last large wooded parks
& rivers. Permit required.