mountain biking
5 days ago

Great spot with varying features to play on. It's size makes it a spot to ride frequently, always something new to find.

8 months ago

As a Peekskill resident, Blue Mountain Reservation is a fun escape from the noises of the city and pace of modern life. I've hiked many of the trails and they can be a bit rocky. There are Mt Bikers, runners, and sometimes horses too. There is Verizon LTE for just about all of the park and Google Maps can guide you with a trail map otherwise the trail junction numbers are nonexistent. Blue Mountain has a nice view from the top and is an easy hike following the blue trail from the back parking lot.

trail running
2 years ago

These are my favorite trails. The URL from the WMBA shows a few more of the trails -

print your trail map before you get there. also, you can park on the back side where Old Montrose Station Rd dead ends at the park and enter for free. This is where the locals go.
mt. spitz gives you a super view of the Hudson and is a 30 min walk up from this back entrance. There's an old stone bldg at the top. no idea what it once was.

trail running
2 years ago

Yes, everyone loves these trails for mountain biking, but they are great for trail running as well! Some of the best in the area. Only downside is they do get very muddy if there has been a lot of rain.

Clearly stay away from the shooting range, but otherwise there are plenty of trails to run on that offer a decent variety of terrain.

If you are new to trail running, try running Montrose Station Road. This is mostly gravel and can be picked up at the intersection off of Washington Street. The initial ascent up Montrose Station Road is steep, but it levels out about 0.5 miles in.

Just keep an eye out for mountain bikers!

Not a great place for hiking. My husband's a mountain biker and he loves it. The map isn't done well and the trails are poorly marked. Skip if you're going for a hike, but if mountain biking is your thing, this is a great place.

mountain biking
4 years ago

Blue Mountain Reservation has some of the best mountain bike trails in the northeast. Easy park to get to, but trails are not clearly marked. Really can't get lost, but may end up repeating the same loops.