trail running
2 months ago

participated in a great trail/mountain race here. Trails are technical and there are several vistas despite the lower peak heights.

Overall A pretty nice hike . The reservoir was pretty and you get a nice overlook at the top. I found it to be pretty tough at point I took a few guys with me who don't really hike and they had a hard time with it. Like I said cool veiw but not nearly as good as many of the surrounding hikes. If youve done most of the near by hikes and are looking for something new I'd certainly try it out . If you haven't done Storm King mountain I'd go there first

Great trail Hard to keep track with 23 separate trails Great scenery The first snake my buddy almost stepped on by accident was garter or rat snake The 2nd one was a timber rattlesnake Just keep your eyes on the ground when you hike

This was a nice varying hike. I only did a part of it, but will go back to do more.

5 months ago

Nice quiet hike, not very busy. I did run into a rattlesnake on the trail at the beginning of the hike, so be careful. Not sure if this is an area with a large rattle snake population, or just a one off.

very nice quiet trail.

10 months ago

It was a very nice day for a hike not to cold not to hot a little technical but nice views of the Hudson valley

Can be challenging or light walk depending on with path you choose. The road from the parking lot up to the reservoir is an easy walk and maybe a little under a mile and has an opportunity to overlook the Hudson Valley along the way... Stunning view. The lake at the top is so peaceful and quiet.

The second time we went on the white trail which was quite a workout.. My gosh !! Steep uphill trail which just kept going all the way to the top. There aren't really any areas that allowed any overlooks but the forest itself rises and falls and the trees are beautiful. Lots of wildlife to see along the way. You are totally engulfed in the forest on that trail. We didn't run into anyone on that trail and it was a Saturday. We went from the parking lot to white trail then to the lake and took the road back to the parking lot. About 4 miles.

Fantastic! Great hike, great view. Quiet, beautiful hidden gem.

It was a nice hike but difficult to follow the trail maps and there were not too many beautiful vistas. One spectacular one and a few beautiful lakes as well to make it a nice varied hike. Trails were varied - some rock scrambling, some gravel paths, some woodsy trails. All in all a good day out.

After reading up on Black Rock and as a beginner, I was a little apprehensive about taking on a 7+ mile hike, especially after some of the reviews mentioning snakes and bear sightings (one of the mountains aptly named Rattlesnake Hill).

But after doing the loop, it wasn't quite as hard as the description "for very experienced outdoorsman." I think if you are used to day-hiking in this region, this would be a very doable hike. There are a few points where it is basically straight up and there is some loose rock, but all-in-all, it's not that terrible and there are a lot of ups/downs to break it up.

Some of the views are obstructed, so maybe a little background research to know which particular peeks are especially beautiful. I'll go out again and try some other peeks next time. Hiked up Mount Misery, and there definitely was some scrambling involved to get to the top.

Very nice and relaxing hike. Great views at the top and some nice bodies of water to stop and relax on the way. One warning though is to watch for the snakes that are on this trail. Hiking it twice in two weeks saw one both times.

Beautiful trail! At first we were confused as to why it was listed as hard because the path was paved but as you went the trail became steep and rocky. The view at the top was absolutely breath taking. My 2 dogs did great on the trail, just be aware of the edges of the trail if you bring your furry friend. Don't want anyone falling!

Hiked the stillman trail, starting across the road from the parking lot off reservoir road. Short hike, only 2 hours, but a nice late morning jaunt through the woods.

This is a very easy hike and a nice walk in the woods. The Mine Hill trail (0.3 miles) is the only really difficult part. I would rate this as a moderate to easy trail. Great views from Eagle Cliff - about the only ones. If you take this hike, you have to make sure that you take the Tower Vue trail - lots of fun. It is only 0.7 miles from the Scenic trail to the White Oak trail. Adds some interesting views and terrain.

Nice loop trail, short climb to start. Moderate difficulty for a beginner. Trail is covered with snow and ice today (3/24/15), which ups the difficulty level a bit. Great views of Hudson River and Valley from peak of Black Rock.

highly recommend