Bethpage State Park is best known for its five world-class golf courses, including the world-renowned Black Course which was the site of the U.S. Open Championship in 2002 and 2009. Visitors also flock to the park to use the park's picnic facilities, playing fields, tennis courts, bridle paths, hiking and biking trails and cross-county skiing trails. Bethpage State Park houses a restaurant and catering facilities, a Golf Pro Shop and driving range. 2010 Summer Polo Season May 15th-October 3rd, 2010 The Meadowbrook Polo Club offers matches open to the public every Sunday at 3pm at Bethpage State Park. Enjoy the excitment of watching a chukker polo match in one of our state's most beautiful settings. As part of your $8 park entry fee, the Meadowbrook Polo Club, the oldest polo club in the United States, offers competitive polo matches for your family's enjoyment. Bring a picnic, a camera and your friends to watch some of the top polo players from around the world. Matches begin at 3pm and end at 5pm. Please, no glass, pets or alcohol allowed. For information about Bethpage State Park Golf Course, please call (516) 249-0700. Find out more about park permit information

road biking
1 month ago

Beautiful year round and easy for all ages.

Beautiful scenery, not to crowded. Very enjoyable.

Wish it would expand from north to south shore.

Everything to love. Easy walking, fantastic look into history, frequent cool activities and fairs, particularly Halloween! Must see place.

road biking
4 months ago

Great day, beautiful trails, so much wildlife and the smell of the flowers was everywhere. Clean trails and respectable people on the trail. Highly recommended......

the section I was on was very wide. room for 2 bikes to ride side by side going either way with still room to maneuver if needed.

I'm from out of town and found this while looking for a place to run. I saw many walkers on the trail as well as a few bikers. I saw no dogs on trail at all. I was on a small section that was beautifully paved. looks like a great place to possibly rollerblade too! I ran on a Thursday morning around 9-10am.

Amazing trail

QUESTION: Is this trail good for walking/hiking?

mountain biking
2 years ago

mountain biking
2 years ago

QUESTION: Former avid single track rider. Injured 4 years ago but finally getting back on the bike, actually it is recumbent trike with mountain setup. Ready to start trying easy / moderate dirt paths but I do not know if this trail is wide enough... my trike is approximately 2x width of reg bike. I have seen a lot of trails mismarked as single track or mpontain biking.

Thanks. Any other bent riders in the ny / long island area.

Saw a cute little chipmunk cross our path while hubby and I rode our bikes from Old Bethage to
Bethpage ...can't wait for the leaves to change colors!

Why is there a law forbidding dogs but all I see is countless dogs? They ruin it. Fine the owners 500 dollars and watch how fast they stop bringing their dogs

This is a great trail for Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, and Dual Sport Bikes. The trail can get a little rough for Road Bikes. The only problem is the stupid people with dogs. There are signs everywhere that state "NO DOGS ALLOWED". There are so many idiots with dogs on the trail that make it extremely dangerous for bike riders. I watched a couple in front of me enjoying their bike ride when a dog on a long leash ran in front of them and both the man and women fell off their bikes and hurt themselves bad. I felt terrible for them. I am not a dog hater. I have two dogs that I love and I would never bring either one of them onto this trail. There should be some official from the Town Of Oyster Bay or someone who can enforce this law. Also, along the way on the southern portion of the trail there are beautiful spots with benches to sit, take a break, and watch the beauty of the wildlife. This however is just about impossible when you have dogs barking their heads off scaring away all the ducks, swans, geese, and birds. Other than the dangerous and disruptive dogs, it is a great trail with both paved and dirt trails. When you are close to the Bethpage Golf course, the trail becomes hilly and is not for the beginner. If you are a beginner, just plan to walk your bikes up the hills. Again, someone needs to enforce the NO DOG LAW because if they did, this would be a gem in the middle of crowded streets filled with cars and trucks. Because no one is enforcing the NO DOG LAW I am giving this trail 3 Stars. Get rid of the damn dogs and I will give this trail 5 Stars.