Great woodsy walk. Tons of old buildings and leantoos litter the area. The adjacent old overgrown Apple Farm is nice. Though having a map is suggested. You can get to the beach, from where the flagpole is. But it's littered with downed trees.

There is a more moderate difficult trail, with lots of ups and downs off the utility trail, from the kayak launch parking area.

The place as a whole has a pretty good amount of foot traffic.

I love coming here and hiking with my dog. an absolute amazing place.

Super fun and peaceful hike/explore

We absolutely love this trail network. There are several main trails that take you around and through the old scout camp. Several trails lead you to the Lake Ontario shoreline. You'll also come upon many abandoned campsites and buildings to explore. You can also take branch off onto many secondary trails that were created by scouts from years gone by.

Trails everywhere great place to spend the day