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Bear Mountain State Park is situated in rugged mountains rising from the west bank of the Hudson River. The park features a large play field, shaded picnic groves, a dock on the Hudson for mooring small craft, lake and river fishing access, a swimming pool, a zoo and nature, hiking, biking and cross-country ski trails. An outdoor rink is open to ice skaters from late October through mid-March. The Perkins Memorial Tower atop Bear Mountain affords spectacular views of the park, the Hudson Highlands and Harriman State Park. The Merry-Go-Round at Bear Mountain State Park features hand painted scenes of the park an 42 hand carved seats of native animals including black bear, wild turkey, deer, raccoon, skunk, Canada goose, fox, swan, bobcat, rabbit and more. For information about the Merry-Go-Round or to book a party please call (845) 786-2731

7 days ago

One of my favorite

We did this hike two weeks ago so I can't speak to current conditions (with snowfall and colder temps this week.) However, being a relative novice to hiking in this area I did stop into the ranger station to ask about conditions and I was told that all trails were open and in good condition. Not exactly. We took the Major Welch Trail up and found conditions near the top more challenging than expected. Sheets of ice on certain steep technical portions definitely made me wish I had crampons. Going down the Appalachian Trail was much easier. Anyhow, it was a great hike but I just wanted to give people who may be unaware the heads up.

Great hike. A bit tough. Took the red and missed the blue that loops back and ended up a mile off.

we couldn't circle around cause the signs were not consistent. The white and blue sign loop was routed to the white and red sign. Luckily this app was working offline with gps. It took us 3 hours to exit the loop.

14 days ago

The way the loop is shown on alltrails sucks. I went there today, paid the $10 parking fee, and from the parking lot went left onto the major welch trail. Taking it to the left was no fun, all stairs! If you do the loop, I recommend going to the right of the lake and take major welch from there. All steep and technical, which are the best hikes imo. I also recommend taking seven lakes road to the appalachian trail, no parking fee and the hike is technical to the top of the observatory.

Beautiful views up and down the river. A slow go; lots of rocks.

I got there on a saturday around 10AM. there was only 1 other car in the small packing area across from where the trail begins. The trail starts on a incline and you pass by some historic spots with signs that tell you what used to be there. It was pretty icy going to the top of the mountain. Once you get to the top though. you get a amazing view. You go through a lot of rock scrambling which always makes the hike a lot more fun.

The hike is like a roller coaster by bringing you through hills up and down. Markers were easy to locate. I def would try this hike again in the summer when theres no ice.

22 days ago

This hike surprised me with the amazing views it offered throughout the entire hike. In addition there were a couple cool features like an awesome cave halfway up. This hike should certainly not be labeled as "hard" though, definitely a moderate hike. The only downside is that there is not a great vista viewpoint at the end, but the views on the way up make up for it.

23 days ago

Great afternoon hike. Have lunch on the summit!

Was my first time at Bear Mountain! Needed a quick getaway from the city and WOW did I find one! Def a good workout! In spite of the many stairs and marked trails I'd say not for young kids. Probably not for a first time hike either unless you are reasonably fit. The views along the way are beautiful and once at the top its stunning! Only saw 4 other hikers on the trail so it was as if I had the place all to myself. Mind you it was a Friday in January. Stopped at the cafe in the inn for some chili and hot apple cider! A fun winter experience and am looking forward to checking it out in the Spring.