Tough Hike. I had a little trouble finding the trail markers at some point but with some help of a local hiking guide I figured it out. The veiws from the top are nice but not as nice as a lot of the surrounding hikes in my opinion. None the less a nice hike I enjoyed very much

Awesome Hike with some pretty cool veiws. I was actually pretty surprised with how tough this hike was.

Good, challenging hike for beginner-intermediate hikers. The Fire Tower view was amazing.

Yellow trail is where it's seriously, amazing trail that has seriously awesome boulders, climbs, tiny trails, summits, a cool adventure. But also it's like a choose your own adventure - although it's clearly marked it's not exactly linear so it's easy to get lost if you're not following along someone else's guided path. I even hit a yellow dead end at one point. Decent views tho all around.

This was a LOT harder than a moderate hike and definitely MORE than 9 miles, NOT 5.5. First time AllTrails steered me wrong.
Still, despite the misleading listing on this website, the hike still turned out to be pretty amazing. Lots of overlooks to make the strenuous hike worth it.

excellent guide

1 month ago

Interesting day! There were a LOT of people hiking that day (the lot was full and so was the street) and I got discouraged because I really prefer a quiet hike... Lots of trash and graffiti (?!) on the trail too.... I sought to do the loop in hopes of being on the trail with fewer people. DO NOT follow the loop on AllTrails. There is a way to make a loop which includes lambs hill and is a much longer route with the blue trail (get a map at the trail head). This site's loop includes an unmarked old trail which goes along a riverbed. There are good reasons to shut a trail down or reroute and it damages wildlife to mess with that
That said, the loop I did took me on the white trail where I saw a lovely waterfall or two.
The stairs make you feel like you're cheating.... The hike really starts .6 mi in.
Don't stop at N Beacon, the fire tower is not hard to get to from there and the views are MUCH better. Like, gorgeous.
Not terribly challenging and the casino trail is easy to follow. Good for new-intermediate hikers!

Lots of loose rocks made the hike a little more difficult for my newbie family, but it was all worth it once we reached the spectacular views.

1 month ago

A great workout on the way up with great views up top. The way back down provides some recovery (aka cool down) time.

wonderful work I thank

Hard for a newbie like me, but great views.

2 months ago

Pretty intense at times ... Great work out !! In the end... The views make it all worth while !

love it!