mountain biking
13 days ago

Best experience ever! Hard to put into words, you have to experience it!

mountain biking
27 days ago

Trails are marked but if you don't know the route you have to stop and look at map. Many loops come back to other loops and it is not obvious which one you take the first time through.
1. 83North and South are the names of trails, not an exit to the main road.
2. When you hit something like, "Gotta do the ridges" pay attention because when you finish that diamond you will go by the entry point again but the second time you keep going on the blue.
3. When hitting the fork for "no trespassing" and "Iam outa here" you take no trespassing the first time and outa here the second time.
3. Another fork is revenge of the shorty and something else, take revenge of the shorty.
3. When hitting the fork for "hunters path" and dark side of the moon, take dark side first time and hunters path the second time.
4. While doing dark side there is another fork for the "eclipse" and continuing on. Take eclipse the first time. On eclipse you make an unmarked right onto rollers, the second time at that point you go straight. This will bring you back to the fork of eclipse or continuing on. This time you don't take eclipse but rather keep going on DOTM.

nice littel ruck with 35lbs great hills trails are nicely marked and very visable

mountain biking
1 month ago

The best mountain biking around. Good variety of different levels of difficulty. Well balanced trails for a good intervals workout.

mountain biking
2 months ago

The Standard on Long Island !

mountain biking
2 months ago

As good as it gets for a packed-sand single track that is very flowy! It's a blast. Beginner to intermediate. Very well marked for bikers, with signs every 25 yards or so.

Confusing. Good walk

First time little confusing but have a great time!

Today was my first time riding my bike on a trail like this and I have to say it was amazing. My friend was okay with going down hills and riding fast on the rocky floor but I was definitely scared. After a while a got the hang of it and had a blast ! We even saw to deers and they were really close. I would recommend for anyone and everyone to go ahead and try it ! It definitely feels good when your all done

definitely a good cardio workout. I will be going back with my bike as we did take some of the bike trail as physical activity...scenic?...won't win any awards but to just be outside and get a nice stretch in, I'd definitely recommend.

I did about 6 miles on foot with about a mile of free running and it was great. Not entirely scenic though (which was okay) so don't expect this one to be "pretty"

For hikers it is easy to moderate, with hills and lots of turns. For bikers, however, it is challenging with lots of moguls, banked turns, and windy paths. A little different, especially for flat Long Island.

mountain biking
1 year ago

Excellent, very easy to ride, relaxing is good, beautiful place...

Nice relaxing walk. I saw 3 deer walking together. Nice trails. Soon I will bring my bike. Enjoy!

mountain biking
3 years ago

This is a challenging trail. Probably one of the islands best trails right now as far as difficulty and technical trails. I had a difficult time on occasion from figuring out how to get in all trails. Markings could be better. All in all a fantastic trail and a must if you ride Cunningham a lot like I do.

Love this trail I travel 40 minutes each way 4 days a week to ride here. CLIMB does a excellent job maintain this trail.

Excellent trails, very clean and well maintained.......... And hard for the beginner...