Pleasant walk, easy, well marked trails.

5 months ago

This was a very nice trail, we followed the red trail to the yellow trail in a loop. It was very well marked and easy to navigate. It took us under 2 hours. The bird observation spot was pretty cool. If it wasn't 95 degrees today we would have stayed there a little longer. The trail was shaded the whole way so it didn't feel too hot. I would definitely come back again and try some of the other marked trails.

Easy trail for all skill levels with some inclines to help vary the pace. Lots of chipmunks and squirrels for kids to enjoy looking at as well as Hawks and deer!

7 months ago

Trail is very well maintained and marked. Definitely some challenging inclines, lots of toads on the trail and a good workout. We enjoyed our hike and will go again!

Good for local 2 hr hike.

Easy trail to walk, great for beginners.

Well marked, well maintained. Some challenging sections. Very beautiful. Dog friendly!

It's a nice walk/easy to moderate hike. The trees and vegetation and a few rocks are decent. It's not very spectacular. I would give the overall trail 3 stars but I gave it 4 stars because it is very well marked and it has an "eagle watch" observation platform near the beginning/end of the loop that provides very good views of the surrounding area and good chance of watching eagles and other birds of prey.

It's a beautiful, well marked trail. Perfect for family/beginners. We had our 10-year-old daughter with us and it was her first hike ever. She enjoyed rolling hills, swamp crossing, a bird watching deck and all other aspects this trail offers.

This is a beautiful nature preserve with a a wide variety of slopes to make the hike interesting. The trails are well marked and I knew when I ended the red when I couldn't see any more markers. I returned via the Yellow trail and ended up at the hawk watching bleachers. The views there are amazing and a good way to end the hike.

This is a beautiful preserve. There is a mixed terrain and wide variety of slopes to keep the walk interesting. The blazes are VERY well marked and I hiked a mix of the Yellow Trail and Red Trail the day after snow to a very pleasing end. The ONLY thing that I didn't love was the noise pollution at the very beginning and end of the walk but the views of the valley around from the hawk watching bleachers more than compensate for this.

a great little hike.good enough to work up a sweat. if you go in on the red and come back in the yellow you get a nice long climb. varied terrain.

Great trail. Rolling hills with easy-to-follow trail markings, diverse terrain. Gorgeous in the autumn.

Red trail is easy but yellow has some steep climbs and can be rocky underfoot.