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This trail was easy up to the Whiteface Brook lean-to. It got progressively harder and then very challenging towards the last two miles. Excellent hike!

A good hike !

Amazing hike.

11 days ago

Easy 4 miles or so to the Flowed Lands. Head around FL toward Colden Dam and just after the Herbert Brook bridge pick up the herdpath up Marshall on the left. Easy to follow, just look for the cairns. Beautiful trail, but very muddy. Typical ADK :)

My son and I hiked this during peak leaf season this year. the trail was amazing. we started from I9N trailhead and made summit right at sunset. very incredible views from the summit and the newly renovated tower. The trails were very easy with some steep spots, but very well maintained with many bog walks along the Pitchoff brook. Overall it was ~ 6 mile RT hike in 3.5 hours. With a sunset hike you'll be descending in the dark, so bring headlamps and a flashlight. A moderate hike with some great panoramic views. Do this hike as part of the Firetower challenge!

So long and hard!

13 days ago

This was a great hike. It is challenging through the middle and at the top if you aren't used to Adirondack bare rock scrambles. You have to be careful to stay on trail near the top also. It was a little busy the day we went but leaves were at peak so any mountain was going to be that way. The view is amazing. I would not recommend this on a wet day though, I don't think I could've dealt with the rock if it was wet.

Hiked it with my wife 10/7/16 and had a great time but I agree it's more like a 6.5 mile hike when you go to the fire tower!

This was a very challenging hike from Lake Colden up to Boundary peak. Any chance I get to go through Avalanche Lake is awe inspiring. Did it on a Saturday I more or less had trail to myself until summited at Boundary Peak. That is when I encountered a crush of humanity doing to Out/back from Loj. Try to do this off weekend would get much more solitude. Very steep get down Algonquin until well past Wright... a lot of bum slides. A great workout/

Hardest hike I've done in my life! The section around the lake is both technical and fun. So many views. This hike took 11 hours so start early. I'm not a slow hiker either. This one will challenge you.

This was I agree a difficult trail coming from a novice hiker 59 year old in average to maybe above average physical condition. This was my first high peak climb of the adirondacks and first major hike of the year. I am not a water drinker but needed all five 16oz water bottles to make it round trip. Started at 8am at LOJ trailhead and arrived back at 4pm under misty cloudy skies and 60 degree temp. Spend 30 minutes on top of the mountain. Some posting say they can do Mt. Marcy round trip in that time but they must be in awfully good shape and hike regularly to make that claim. The trail is rocky to say the least and most of the time is spent walking up a dried up stream bed. Thankfully all the rocks are firm being exposed portions of much larger boulders under so your footing good generally speaking. Even with wet surfaces the vibram shoe soles seemed to grim pretty well to the surfaces of the rocks. Any loose rock would have already been churned up and pushed out by the flood of hikers using the route throughout the year so in that regard I am thankful for the heavy use of the trail. When it becomes interesting is when you leave the main Mt. Marcy trail and head up the table top trail. It is unmarked but pretty much a no-brainer to just follow the narrow winding stream bed up to the top. Very cool trail i must say. We picked a bad day to climb being near zero visibility which is why I couldn't give it a 5th star. It was nice to get off the main Mt. Marcy trail.

Beautiful vista at summit. A moderately difficult hike and fairly steep in its entirety. Some non technical rock climbing. Tons of fun and extremely rewarding!

Hiked up with my 75 year-old mum, so went at a slow pace and it took us about 5 hours via the southern approach (incl. a 30 min picnic break). It starts very steadily on a nice forest trail but the second portion of the trail is steep and involved a lot of rock
climbing. And at the end, probably also because of our slow pace, it just seemed to drag on forever. The view is rewarding, especially from the restored fire tower! Judging by the signposts, it's more a 6 mile roundtrip.