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The Adirondack Park is a protected park in the U.S. state of New York. It’s known for its fall foliage–viewing and forested mountains, with hiking trails crossing the Adirondack High Peaks near Lake Placid. Whiteface Mountain’s ski runs are nearby. West, paddling routes weave through St. Regis Canoe Area. Rapids swirl along Ausable Chasm canyon to the east.

19 hours ago

Great hike, description is fairly on point in that it is a lightly moderate hike. Nothing too steep but a good steady climb with a couple of nice relatively flat stretches for a minute or two. We went yesterday and the trail became a little slick with the wet leaves and snow but nothing too crazy. We went with our 8 and 6 year olds. We were up in about 2 hours and down in 48 minutes. Spent about 20 minutes on top. Incredible views and well worth it! Too windy to climb the fire tower so we saved that for next time. I am not sure on the 2.6 miles out and back. That is not accurate, we tracked it at about 2.1 to the summit so more like a 4.2 out and back.

21 hours ago

Group of 13: mostly my 20-ish students but also my family (inc sons ages 13 and 8). Slightly tough for the 8 year-old at the rapid pace of the group, so we slowed and he made it just fine; gorgeous with the first snow but a little treacherous with also the first major leaf fall and some residual rain - last week would probably have been ideal for colours but still delightful. Steeper than we expected from some descriptions, and I echo the comment below about the trail getting dark sooner than the surrounding area - I was glad that we'd planned to be off the trail by 5.30.

1 day ago

Nice hike, I picked it b/c it was a loop trail, had young kids and a view.... however the back section after going to the right up want marked well so we could find it, asked several others about it and they said they never could find it either.... I was hoping to find it b/c the right side was too tricky for my crew!!! Back down we went

It's late autumn and there was snow, so it was definitely rather cold and very windy. The trail itself is good for beginners (like us!), there were a few challenges that added a bit more fun to it but nothing too difficult. The summit is not that impressive, it's nice, but nothing incredible. The trail is very well marked and easy to spot. Overall, a decent hike and made for a nice outing.

It started snowing half way up! The view from the top of the tower was of nothing, haha, but still beautiful in its own way. My dog and I LOVED the trail and are so glad we drove the 4 hours from Westchester.

3 days ago

Get prepared to walk through the woods. It's mainly a steady incline to the summit. There are some steep parts but nothing too overwhelming. There are no clearings until you reach the rocky summit. There are a few different look out spots, one facing lake George to the south, one facing west and one facing lake George to the north.

Overall it's a peaceful quiet walk into what seems like the deep woods. It's not overly challenging if you keep at a steady pace.

10.5 miles RT (22,000 steps) from the Pilot Knob entrance to the Summit. Took about 6 hours, moving pretty constantly, stopping briefly to breathe, cool off, guzzle down water and a small snack. This is on the difficult side of moderate -- but well worth the time and the scramble.

I wish I'd brought hiking sticks and more water (a gallon would have been perfect!) Layers are important as it's chilly under the cover, but you are really working hard as you climb and you will get hot. You must have good, sturdy, hiking shoes because the trail is very rocky and it's easy to twist your ankle or knees without the support. There are some great, relatively easy parts and then some areas where you have to strategically weave across the rocks as they are steep -- and remember what goes up must come down. Just when you think you are there -- you aren't. You have at least another hour or so of increasingly steep climbing. But the view from the summit is something to behold and cherish. It really is quite spectacular.

Do leave early in the morning if you are doing this hike in Fall and want to take your time to enjoy it all. It gets dark by 5:33-6:00 -- and while the trail is well-marked, you will need a flashlight to see in front of you.

I would not recommend the 10 mile trip for adults with balance issues or for those with really young kids.

Really Steep trail but the veiws are really beautiful , especially if you climn the chimney. I couldn't find the caves unfortunately and I was a bit pressed for time , maybe next time.

Cool veiw of the surrounding lakes. Nice and easy well marked trail takes you all the way up. I went with my grand ma and we had an awesome time .

I did this a few days before hiking the lower great range and in my opinion noonmark had better veiws than any of the peaks on that trail. Me and my brother actually took the noonmark trail by accident mistaking it for the begging of the Dix mountain loop. Initially we were pretty disappointed and spent most of our time on the peak wishing we were on a taller mountain . Looking back however this was a great veiw. Pretty Moderate hike with some steep sections, we got up and down pretty quickly.

4 days ago

It was a fairly cloudy day, but you could still see the mountains out in the distance. The trail was good despite recent rain in the area. Would certainly do again.

got married here the beginning of October

it was a great hike about 3 miles in and 3 out. was very well marked and easy to follow. sign as base says 1.0 mile and it's straight up and rocky went muddy. sneakers will not do it definitely ankle boots. tower and Ranger Station was awesome tower is the tallest one ! u have to climb up a metal ladder into the tower on the top but the views are breath taking will blow you away. careful on your way down can get slippery and can slide. lots of water spits for pups too. enjoy !

5 days ago

This hike was great. It was a little windy when we got to the top, but that was ok, since we were a little hot by the time we reached the summit. The fire tower was open. The only drawback was that the tower windows on all three sides were milky and distorted, but the window that faces the lake was open, and we were able to poke our heads out to get some pictures and feel the wind ripping by. Also worth mentioning, there is a neat little spot with a bench - there are actually two - but the one that we really liked was the one facing the lake. Come out of the fire tower, at the bottom of the stairs, go straight down the little path. You can't miss it. It's a great place to sit and eat a snack before going back down the mountain. 10/10 would certainly do again!

5 days ago

Coney was a fun hike. We were racing against the weather, but once on top, the views were great. An excellent 360 on a good day. Will do again when the weather is a little nicer.