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The Adirondack Park is a protected park in the U.S. state of New York. It’s known for its fall foliage–viewing and forested mountains, with hiking trails crossing the Adirondack High Peaks near Lake Placid. Whiteface Mountain’s ski runs are nearby. West, paddling routes weave through St. Regis Canoe Area. Rapids swirl along Ausable Chasm canyon to the east.

Hiked Bald Mountain this morning. We were in the middle of a snow storm (4-6in.) so i had the mountain to myself. Took me about 2 hours up and back and the top of the mountain was very windy. Over all a great trip, even in the winter. For my full review visit explorecnytrails.com/bald-mountain-rondaxe-fire-tower-old-forge-ny/

This trail is not accessible in times of heavy snow. Cedar river rd turns into a snow mobile trail 4 miles from the trail head.

This trail is not accessible with high snow. Perkins tract clearing becomes a snow mobile trail and that is still a half hour from the trailhead. Patiently waiting till spring for this hike. I have a 4x4 truck and there was absolutely no way I would make it to the trail head without getting stuck.

Awesome views and rock formations on the summit. Short out and back trail that is well marked. Some steep sections of trail.

10 days ago

Moderate hike both distance and difficulty. Great views. One of my favorite recent hikes. Trail is well marked and easy to follow.

Okay so today was my 1 year anniversary of hiking in the Adirondacks. I never hiked a thing before (that means literally not one hike anywhere EVER!) I don't really even remember why I started in the first place. Nevertheless, the fever was and still is on. I haven't hiked any of the highest or hardest ones yet. I finished my starting year with 13 peaks, 6 high peaks, 6 firetowers, and today's Buck Mountain. I'd heard the trail was fairly easy. I needed a quick fix because I didn't leave work until about 10:15am and nothing is really close by. 40 minutes later I was at the Pilot Knob Buck Mountain trailhead. I am a notoriously slow hiker and generally have a hard time figuring out how fast/ far I'm going but today was all business. "Let's see how fast you really can walk after all" I thought to myself. I had a pair of Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra's that needed to be broken in and evaluated. They performed perfectly the entire trip, no slips, no falls, straight confidence. Started off at 11:22am. Very sloshy & wet today. Lots of things melting. Kind of miserable actually but I was very happy to just be out on this particular day. The pace was what I would've called decent. Reached the summit just shy of 2 hours at about 1:20pm. I was excited to have posted a good time for my slow self. I was surprised at how steep it actually was near the top. I couldn't help but think "oh this is gonna be fun on the way down!" Hung out on summit for about 10 minutes and then decided to get on with it. Came down off some really slippery, half packed, half melted snow that was a concern and couldn't have been happier. The Hillsound Ultra (18 points) worked even more efficiently than I had anticipated and never slipped once. Took tons of pics, saw absolutely no one and had the summit all to myself. Same as my maiden Cascade hike last year. Always a plus. Made it back to the parking lot at about 3:15pm. To me this was more than fine. Maybe even my fastest pace yet. I know that may sound silly to some but it's real progress for me. Took me all day last year to do Cascade. Ive taken many other trips where I posted less than stellar times. Either way, all in all, it was a GREAT day!!! I'm so happy to have discovered this world. The feelings of accomplishment are among some of my favorites. I'm sure many of you will see me on the trail someday. When you do I'm sure I'll have to kindly step aside and let some of your speed demons by. No brag whatsoever but this kid has come a long way from being thirsty & sweaty in a cheap full bib, out of water with MSR Evo 22's he's never even used before moving along at less than a snails pace. Lol. All I have to do now is hike at least 14 this year and I'm good. My starting goal is going to be 20 peaks. Thank you all for listening or reading. Today was a special day for me this year and last year! Apparently I'm going to be taking off February 8th annually. :)

13 days ago

When we arrived to the parking lot, it was full of cars to which we later found belonged to an active group of hiking seniors that beat us to the Orchard. The lightly used snowmobile trail offered a stable hiking/skiing/snowshoe base. A beautiful walk in the woods to some nice large trees. Another point of interest is the very large boulder 100+ yards to the right of the orchard which sits in the middle of the woods with no rhyme or reason to it's original location. It obviously traveled some distance via glacier from it's original location.

Friday morning adventure with some incredible views. We made our way from the parking area up Thomas, back down Thomas, over to Cat and back to the parking area. GPS had us at 8.02 miles. Not sure how accurate that was. We had about two to three inches of powder on top of the hard pack near the summits. Had a great time.

15 days ago

This is one of my favorites. I feel like Scarface has it all. We are working on our Winter 6er challenge, so we did Baker before it. It starts off with a nice, easy trail with very little incline and a lot to see. The first part of the hike is basically just a walk through the woods. You'll see and old bike left behind, a railroad crossing, a memorial bench and a "bridge" over the wetlands area. The trees are especially beautiful after a good snow and you feel like you're in another world.

Eventually you meet a trail junction. Following the trail to Scarface, this is where it starts to get steep. There are several ice walls that can be tricky, but doable, for people like me who have short little legs. It's not overly difficult, but it's challenging enough to make you feel like you worked for it.

Eventually the trail levels off and there is a half mile - mile stretch of level land before you find the trail disk marking the true summit of Scarface. This was my favorite part of the hike. It was a welcomed relief to the steepness, but with the heavy snow cover on the trees you felt like you were indoors. It opens up to an area with a very nice view of the Sawtooth range and many others. Continuing on from there, the trail leads to the official summit. The only views here are of trees and the disk on the tree marking the official summit.

15 days ago

Mt. Baker was a little more steep than I realized, but I should have known considering it gains a good amount of elevation in .9 miles. We started out fairly early. The trails were packed down nicely. We ran into a few people and all were just using microspikes. We did the loop and in all, with some time at the top, it took us 1:21. We did this in conjunction with Scarface, because we travel 2 hours to get to Saranac. I prefer being out of the car longer than I'm in it! This was part of the Winter 6er challenge. I look forward to hiking it again in the summer!

15 days ago

Easy trail with great views!

15 days ago

16 days ago

Hiked this in early February. It was about mid 20s for the temperature and the trail was snow packed. I started at the shelving rock trailhead. The first third was easy with a couple small inclines but mostly flat. The middle third started getting my heart pumping with more moderate inclines. The last third was the hikers equivalent of a root canal. I kept having to stop and catch my breath every couple of minutes. This could be attributed to the fact that I had Chinese the night before and a coffee, banana and granola bar the day of. Probably not the smartest pre-hike diet I've ever done but even if I did everything right, it still would have been a workout. Summit was cold and windy, as they typically are. Didn't stay long because of it. Not sure the reward was worth the hike in this instance. Maybe I'll tackle it in summertime. Dead tired now. Goodnight

17 days ago

Completed this trail on February 3, 2017. Took the long route up and back. We had yak tracks, but many people had snow shoes. We were able to make it to the top, and there are definitely some steep sections. Very pretty view at the top and I would highly recommend it