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The Adirondack Park is a protected park in the U.S. state of New York. It’s known for its fall foliage–viewing and forested mountains, with hiking trails crossing the Adirondack High Peaks near Lake Placid. Whiteface Mountain’s ski runs are nearby. West, paddling routes weave through St. Regis Canoe Area. Rapids swirl along Ausable Chasm canyon to the east.

Short and sweet
Easy terrain
Great views

The incline itself was one of the easiest I've ever hiked. But the trail today kicked my butt! Icy and really wet with several streams coming down the mountain. It was a good 4.5 hour round trip including a 30 min break at the top. It was a slow descent. But the view is breathtaking! Sad I couldn't climb the firetower but still looked cool from afar. Recommend the trail and look forward to doing it on warmer days.

It was fun and the view of Lake George was really nice. Mosquitos were annoying.

Excellent short hike with great views.

Great hiking locale

7 days ago

Hard at the end but amazing view

Couldn't find the path to the summit with 4 inches of snow on the ground, no foot path to follow. Still a nice hike.


8 days ago

Thanksgiving day hike. Five in our party, 2 adults, 14 year old, 12 year old and our 5year old Collie. We stayed overnight in the ADK Loj lean-to. The low was about 17 degrees but we stayed toasty warm and it was a beautiful night. Got a little bit of a slow start and were at the trail head at 9 with full packs. Started off with snowshoes but with in 20 minutes decided we didn't need them and strapped them on to our packs. There is about a foot of snow now but the trail to Marcy dam is packed and easily walked with just winter boots. Took us 4 hours to summit, with the last mile being pretty tough. The last mile had exposed ice but we managed without our spikes. Beautiful wintery view at the top. THe hike down only took 3 hours and was fun sliding down the mountain.

I hiked this last year, and let me say, it does not disappoint. We took the harder (yet shorter!) trail, which ended up being much steeper than it's longer counterpart. If you're ready for a steep incline with some actual climbing involved, I'd say go for it! The view is worth it.

hiked this 1.8 RT out/back trail the day before Thanksgiving-- ~ 6" of snowfall and some gorgeous wintry hiking up a very moderate climb. The summit is easily reached in 0.9 miles in about 30 minutes and offers a summits view of open rock ledges overlooking Silver Lake, Taylor Pond, Catamount and Whiteface Mountain's northern slopes. The trail is pretty easy to moderate with some rocky sections and view points at 0.3, 0.5, and .07 miles. Overall RT 2.04 miles in 1:30 hours at a very slow pace of 45 min/mile-- Only had to wear microspikes on the rockier ledges but otherwise with deeper snow would make for a great afternoon snowshoe hike. I recommend this for kids and animals-- not very far and pretty easy hike with great views. .

Beautiful and challenging as well! Great for dogs. Trail needs better markings. Trail marked better on the way down. Quite soggy until you start heading up. Well worth it!

trail running
12 days ago

Short but TOUGH run to the top. Very good views especially in the fall!

13 days ago

Easy hike, a lot of wet spots this time of year. Found some great spots to go camping in the future! Will be back again.

13 days ago

I wound up doing about 5 miles on the loop, going the long way around the pond and detouring to the cave west of the pond. It took me about three hours, but this is not a hike for those looking for an easy walk in the woods. There is a lot of rock scrambling, and doing it in the fall with leaves everywhere made for a few slips. Great views at the top though.

on Gleasmans Falls Trail

14 days ago

Trail can be tricky to find, down a long, single lane dirt road. But there are adequate signs to indicate Beach Mill Rd, and it dead ends at the trail head. My Honda mini van handled it without issue, though there were places I had to creep. There are no signs for Gleasman Falls, the trail head sign indicates 2.6 miles to Independance River (where the falls are) or you can continue on to Panther Pond (9.3 miles). We hiked with two adults and 5 kids, aged 9 to 2. The trail is easy enough to follow that the 6 yr olds were often ahead out of site with no problem. There are several small streams to cross, where sneakers were tricky and some of the kids needed to be carried over, but a good pair of hiking boots was adequate for all we crossed. The 4 year old walked all the way in and was carried out, the 2 year old walked 1/3 of the trail in and was carried out. We averaged a stroll pace with little legs and about 40 minute break at the falls, for a 5 hr total hike. Remote enough to be an adventure, easy to follow and find the trail so it was comfortably safe for the littles. I can't speak to the bugs, as we went on 11/18/16, and there were no bugs. We did see some hunters, but had no issue as we planned ahead and were wearing bright safe clothing. We had a nice visit with them on the way out.

16 days ago

As part of the Tupper Lake Triad, you will not want to miss this trail. Easy to overlook, it may offer one of the most satisfying hikes in the Tupper Lake area. A very easy "spiraling" one mile ascent to the top offers some spectacular views from its rocky summit. The panoramic views of Horseshoe wilderness and Tupper Lake Valley were amazing! If you complete the top at sunset-- even better! Well worth the hour's effort roundtrip.

16 days ago

I completed this hike as a part of the Firetower Challenge. In mid-November, I found the trail in relatively good shape, muddy and slick in places, but not overly difficult. This ascent is labeled as difficult, however it is relatively easy compared to some in the Adirondacks-- a strenuous hike to the top none the less. The one-mile trail was relatively short, offering an amazing view of the ST. Regis Canoe Wilderness area from the top. Make sure to bring your rock to offer it up to the rock pile at the summit! Overall a great hike and worth the effort.

16 days ago

This hiking trail was completed as part of the Firetower challenge and Tupper Lake Triad. It is a relatively short moderate hike with well-maintained ascents and offers a great view of the St. Lawrence Watershed wilderness area and Tupper Lake Valley. I hiked this trail in mid November, missing colors and warm weather, the trail was still beautiful and well-worth the hour effort. The summit's tower is in great shape with a full panoramic view. The southern exposure offers a rocky ledge and many carved-log sitting benches where you can rest or have a picnic with friends. Friends of Mt Arab have incorporated an interpretative element to the trail, complete with a log-cabin museum at the top, making this a great experience for kids as well.

Combined with Esther a few weeks back. Started from the ASRC. Quite challenging for me. Knocked this and Esther down. Took way longer than I expected. Very populated summit. Driving up! Pffffffffffffffft.