The trail is in good care and at the weekends is a little traffic. There are some waterspots in the spring and autumn. Good for hiking with kids or dogs. Otherwise are there some pokestops for the kids and many pokemons on trail.

Awesome trail. I would put in between easy and moderate if you're not used to the altitude though. Despite what the sign says, go walk out on the tressle. Its awesome. Great Trail.

Nice trail through forests, nice views.

Solid easy trail, the bridge at the end provides a good incentive.

Love this trail. Very easy , nice parking and there's bathrooms at the trail head. We were able to take beautiful pictures and our dogs loved it!

a lot of different views! such a fun trail. you can't actually walk on the wooden tressel which was disappointing but over such a good hike.

Great trail! We walked with a 6yo and it was good for her age. I will recommend for families it require average condition.

4 months ago

Hike was great. Plainly, I would recommend it to anyone

great trail for scenic and historical views.

Awesome overlook of a tree-filled valley, nice shade for more than half of the trail, really enjoyed it overall. Plan on going back soon with a proper carrying solution for our 3yr old as carrying him on my hip most of the way was definitely strenuous and kind of took away from the experience.

This hike is great. You start at the top and hike all the way down. And of course you have to go up all over again. The terrain is not that rough, what gets rough is the climb back up. Make sure you bring water, more than likely you will need it if you do the loop. You will hear lots of birds. They are hard to spot we carries photo gear and dos the hike with out any problems. I am no means in great shape and was able to do it. The last 0.2 miles were a bit tough but doable. Good luck and enjoy it.

1 year ago

One of the first hikes I ever went on. Loved it

We hiked this trail just as a reminder of days gone by. We grew up in the area and we always hiked and played and went inner tubing in these beautiful mountains. The trail was great. Super easy! Don't forget the Bridal Veil Falls Trail. It has some elevation change but nothing to worry about. It has some history to investigate.

This trail was really difficult for us to navigate. It was me my hubby and our five kids. We couldn't understand all the different trails and which way we were supposed to go and ended up hiking 6 miles that day and just had to track back because it looked like there was no stopping point. Trails were nice just confusing. We plan on trying it again once we go back. Pls msg me if anyone has any advice on making this a shorter trail for our kiddos. We loved the OSHA trail though!

Overcast day, trail was a little wet, but very easy trail that one could do well in tennis shoes or light boots. Trail is clearly marked and well travelled. Beautiful walk thru the woods and wonderful vista's of the Mexican Canyon Trestle Bridge and the surround area.