A nice short downhill rocky hike.

Fun, beautiful scenery. Very rocky.

Short hike. Beautiful canyon.

Small hike down. Springs are great.

Easy, beautiful trail down to the hot springs. The road leading to the trailhead is a bit rough, but it's manageable if you take it slow.

1 year ago

Did the short out and back from the campground. This is a very well developed and maintained trail. Unfortunately the BLM built
really ugly shelters at the bottom of the gorge. Walk up stream from the main spring and there are some wonderful panels of petroglyphs.

Great trail down to the springs which are right next to the river. I was there April 2014.

Very scenic springs. On an old wagon road. Also the site of the springs in "Easy Rider". Take Tune road all the way out to the Dobson House sign and stay left. About a half mile later the road will dead end into a parking lot (unless you have a high clearance vehicle). Anyhow this is where you want to park. Keep all valuables out of sight. This lot is notorious for break-ins.

Came here yesterday with my two dogs. It had rained and snowed two days prior so the road was crazy muddy. If I hadn't had my jeep I would have been stranded, for sure. But as the day wore on, the road dried more and was much easier to travel back than it was coming in.

Once we got to the trail it was too narrow for two dogs and my self and too steep for my more senior dog to walk back up. So we just walked around the mesa top instead. It was beautiful. Still worth the trip.

Don't trust google maps getting there. Be sure to go directly to trailhead. That's your only real access. The trail in is nice and easy. keep an eye out for bighorns and petroglyphs. The pools are roomy, with three options at different temperatures. Well worth the time and effort. Expect company and enjoy the river.

Views were awesome on Big Arsenic today! Went all the way down to the water. The Rio Grande did not disappoint. My little Chica hikers made it as well they are 5 and 7. Take lots of water and utilize the shade trees. It is a fun trail with a rewarding good time at the bottom... But then remember you have to hike back up. 1 mile each way.