5 days ago

It was a nice trail. It is not one of the prettiest, unfortunately. Lake Katherine and Nambe Lake in Santa Fe are much prettier. The trail was not very challenging. Decent grade. I went up via Red River, on trail number 54 (?).

9 days ago

Middle Fork Trailhead is actually in Red River NM, not Questa.

10 days ago

October 2016. We used to go frequently on dirt bikes and have not been up here in about 15 years. Now closed to all motorized vehicles. Still as beautiful as I remember. Great hike and worth the effort. If you are not used to the altitude, take your time, you will not be disappointed. Don't forget to dress in layers as you will get hot going up. The lake can be breezy and chilly. Brief rain showers are always a possibility. Water and snacks are a good idea as well. Save access to the lake. PLEASE DON'T CUT THE TRAILS!

Warning for hikers who are lazy in their research like me! The coordinates that All Trails has are completely wrong. Wasted a day basically trying to find this spot and ended up trespassing on private property. Oops! Thanks All Trails. Went back the next day (I don't like to give up!) based on the National Park Service's directions and found it super easy, so refer to that. I'd also suggest bringing a map as once you get close to the final "summit" (if you can call it that), the trail gets a little confusing. I got lost a couple of times. But WORTH IT! Such a stunning, tranquil hike. One of my favorites that I've done in Carson.

We hiked to the lake in July 2016. It is a beautiful hike. It is steep in some parts, "we did not follow the old road.". The lake at the top is worth the hike. We followed the water all the way back down. I have hiked all over the Red River NM area and this will be on our list every time now.
Like some of the others said. You follow 578 through the valley until the pavement ends. You can park there, or drive back about a mile to the little parking area. The road is rough.
Thumbs up.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail, but don't be fooled, it ain't no joke! If you show up and think it will be an average out and back, you may be surprised. The review says moderate, I think it's upper end moderate. Prepare for a steady, steep at times, climb. Do an extra leg day at the gym or the burn will never stop. :) I see why mountain bikers like to descend it.
Now, is it worth it? When you walk around a corner and see the water through the trees...stunning. You just want to stare.
Put in the work to prepare, then enjoy it.

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5 months ago

One of the best trails around this area. Has a awesome lake. This trail is located close to Red River NM not Questa.

1 year ago

its a beautiful hike, long but not too steep. It is great for backpacking at the top of the lake (though becoming more popular so there is more sign of human traffic, more trash and pollution). The trail is well worn so getting lost is hard. we went to eastfork trailhead and made it up in a 2wd mazda sedan taking it slow because of some rain washout and rocky areas. horseshoe lake is pretty close by which makes it a great backpacking spot to explore a little and fish.

1 year ago

Good snowshoe trip.

1 year ago

Great hike. Strong trails and consistent climb. Well worth the effort at the top.

2 years ago

I have hiked this trail so many times as a boy with my Father that I lost count if how many times I've been. I have not been there in 20 year, but I am taking my two children their in August and will post a full review when I return. The previous reviews are highly accurate. The Trail is Jeep Switchbacks for the first two to three miles and then becomes a nice single track of switchbacks after that. The scenery is comparable to what I see here in the PNW, but I fell in love the mountains here when I was 8 years old. Seriously, pack light and bring plenty of water and trailside food. And definitely fish at the lake before heading the next ten to Wheeler Peak. Sign the register and enjoy an easy hike on the way back.

Hiked this in early June, still a little early in the season, ran into some left over snow. Would highly recommend this trail, the views are amazing!

4 years ago

This is a great trail and well kept. There are some rocky areas, but I would say 5% to 10% is rocky. It's about 5.25 miles to Lost Lake. Do not get discouraged by the long uphill climb, your reward awaits you at the end. The total elevation climb was 2,900 feet. At the top is about 11,500 feet. Take plenty of water and snack bars, you will need them. Very few trails , I rate a 5 star, but this is one of them.

Old jeep road to Waterfall at 1/2 point. At junction to Lost Lake Trail waterfall and trail swichbacks up to the lake. Good hike for families. It's can be touch if not acclaimated to the 9000' plus altitude. Lake is stocked with trout.
Good backcountry route up to Wheeler Peak and over to Taos Ski Valley.