Beautiful scenery, a quiet natural setting, and easy access make Hyde Memorial State Park a favorite picnic area, campground, respite, and base camp for excursion to the surrounding Santa Fe National Forest.

17 days ago

Great hike, beautiful forest, need grips/spikes on shoes for ice

Wonderful winter hike. Fresh snow and sun!

Hiked with my girlfriend last weekend. We're from Texas. It was difficult since we weren't acclimated. Took 2 hours to finish. So worth it! Amazing hike with a great view of Santa Fe at the top. The last mile had an inch of snow on the trail.

absolutely beautiful!!! easy hike eith plenty to look at :)

Great trail! Easily marked and plenty of options to make the hike harder or easier if you need. Awesome views. I would hike here regularly if I lived nearby!

Great hike. It took us about 3 hrs do to one of the loops. We had two kids ages 3 and 4 and they walked the trail easily. The drawback of this hike is that it is not remote. You will wander around people's homes, across a road and aside a road. The upside is watching the trail runners and mountain bikers.

Went with my family to hike on this trail last summer for my birthday. It was a good hike with some challenging rocks to navigate through. Good cardiopulmonary workout overall!

Great day! Hiked for 2.4 hours; did parts of the loop 2 times.

Wonderful loop with nice views ; perfect fall weather

2 months ago

3 months ago

Great place! My dog & I loved it! Little nippy today but the sky was wont!

Great trail with nice views! Pretty steep in a few areas. Great workout! My friend and I are visiting the area and are not experienced hikers. We finished it in about two hours.

3 months ago

Two routes will take you to the same place. Alternate route (more difficult), and the regular route. Regular route is very beautiful, gradual uphill, until you pass a trail intersection. Downhill to the creek is very shaded, and pretty. Meets up with Windsor Trail at the creek. I have not done difficult route.

3 months ago

A beautiful trail to hike!

Beautiful! On the sunny side, I found a tiny horny toad!

4 months ago

This trail has two very different personalities in close proximity. While traveling through the upper, a mountainous, and the lower a beginning of transition into lower altitudes. At the end of the trail and it's intersection with longer trails of subconscious, there awaits a creek by which I sat for rest and writing before returning to homelessness.