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14 days ago

You can have your dogs on leash here. Lots of points to cool down in the stream. The first mile is paved then catwalk so can be wheel chair accessible. Beyond that you can keep hiking but there points where you climb or narrow paths so be extra careful.

30 days ago

With reference to the Jo Miller review above: the "directions" to this trail don't take you anywhere near where it is actually located. The Rain Creek Trailhead is reachable by taking Sacaton Road. From Silver City, take the 180 westwards to Cliff. Turn right onto the 211 at Cliff, then left onto the 293 (IIRC). Around mile marker 3 on the 293 is a left turn onto Sacaton Road (dirt road that climb up out of the valley). Continue for many miles along this road and the trailhead is on your right, very obviously signposted.

Went years ago, great place, but definitely off the beaten path

1 month ago

The hike to these springs definitely pays off when you get to soak in the hot springs. Such a beautiful place here in the Gila Wilderness. I recommend bringing water shoes for the many river crossings. Also check the weather ahead of time, it rained up the canyon and the river rose a few feet. Had to hike out a day later to wait for the river to recede in order to cross. Such a beautiful place to backpack and camp to. I'd say it was moderately difficult.

Wonderful route, glorious views

Trail is easy, 2 water crossings. Needs rebuilding pretty regularly. fully adjustable temperature

Took my two dogs here while it was overcast. nice hike. the silver city area is really nice as far as desert goes

Great view into the past!

Very cool trail enjoyed seeing the tree, directions were a little misleading however

2 months ago

Tried to hike the trail today... It is a neighborhood!!! Very upscale houses and lots where the trailhead should be. Followed the directions given by all trails to a tee. Was hindered by progress instead

3 months ago

Exactly 15 crossings to get there. Camp sites near by. Clean area. Beautiful!

This is our very favorite trail that we have hiked in New Mexico. It is absolutely gorgeous! My 11 year old son says that he thinks this is what heaven is going to look like. There is foliage, wildflowers (at the right time of year, of course!), waterfalls, fabulous rock formations, soaring canyon walls, and a natural stone arch. You have to hike through the creek to stay on the trail, but that is part of the beauty of the trail. This is good hike for children--my 6 year old did it with me and my 11 and 13 year old children. We just love it, and we will be back soon!

Good trail that gets deep in the NM forest. Very quiet and serene.

One of the most amazing trails ever! Very awesome!!

6 months ago

Easy enough of a hike but trail through EE canyon was hard to follow. USFS had done some trail clearing in 2015 but still tough. But this was a downhill dry canyon towards a river so getting lost was not a concern. In March 2016 I encountered no hikers except a few backpackers on the West Fork trail.

6 months ago

Trailhead is about 1/4 mike N of milepost 14 on NM15. First 1/4 mile of trail a challenge to track through a marsh but easy after that. Not as steep as expected. Hiked trail in March and was the only hiker. Can't go past Signal Peak tower due to USFS restrictions from forest fire 2 years ago.

10 months ago

Nice hike! Wound up going to Jordan Springs for 2 nights. Plenty of water and scenery. Went in October mid week. Hardly anyone there.

Did this hike Oct 13,15.....very scenic, not a lot of people on the trail, the hiker was worth it's weight in platinum. ....camped by Jordan hot springs, paradise on earth, water from river was so good, tasted better than Evian, I wanna do this trip in winter, who's down?