the views are beautiful. I have fun every time I hike this trail.

Around 2006, I drove to Embudo canyon late at night and slept in an arroyo because I was real depressed. The next morning I decided to walk up the trail to the top of the mountain. At the top, I got on this other trail I encountered, and it ended up going way southeast. By the time I got to the bottom, it was dark and I was in Tijeres. The only person I could reach to pick me up was my ex girlfriend. I didn't eat anything all day. She took me to Jack In The Box and I ate a ton of gross food. Ha.

I love this trail! I haven't been able to hike the full distance yet, but one of these days!

Great and easy hike for everyone including the pups! Easily accessible and a beautiful place to explore

It was a fun first hike in Albuquerque!

Been hiking this trail since 1987. It's my favorite! Second favorite would be Piedra Lisa.

Apart from the Piedra Lisa trail, this is my most favorite trail on the westside of the Sandias. mainly because of the scenery and lack of 15,000 hikers like La Luz and other westside trails like embudo that is nearby.

it is a rugged trail that requires scrambling in places.

The trail is worn down nicely but it's definitely a difficult hike. I'm reasonably in shape but the trail is very steep. After you get off the main trail and into the mountains, you end up having to climb over boulders a lot. We didn't go all the way, we turned around and it ended up being 2 hours round trip.

We came in the spring it's beautiful and steep this is a few bugs wonderful sights and smells and sounds and a beautiful view of the city

To get to the trailhead, take Montgomery east past Tramway, then turn left on Glenwood Hills. After the stop sign, turn right on Trailhead Rd. The trail up the wash is a nice, short hike to the spring, but they have closed it due to too much traffic. The Embudito trail (#192) goes further north, along the south side of the ridge there. I found a large rock at the top of one of the hills there that looked like bats lived there in the summer; going to check it out later on in the season.

Don't miss the left turn near the beginning of the trail marked with a very small sign. Otherwise you will hike up the draw, which is lots of fun scrambling up the rocks, but is slow and exhausting. Because of this we didn't make it to the crest and settled for the nice views at some outcrops about half way up.

I'm biased since I grew up on this trail.

I did Embudito to Embudo 12mile hike this past week. The Embudito trail start's at the end Menaul, and is a lot like most of the foot hill trails, but then changes to a nice Mt trail. the trail goes up a small steep canine and sticks to the north side doing switchbacks. for the most part it's hard packed sand with some big rocks. after 45min to an hour (I didn't check th GPS to see what the mile-age was) the trail starts to get flat, and easy. About this time the the trail moves in to some trees and then a North/South canine that has some springs in it. the trail works it's way up this canine for an hour and a half then it meats up with 'three gun' and 'white wash' trails (2hr 30 min. 6 miles ish to here.) I terned on to three gun here.