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Great starting point in Tijeras Canyon to climb South Sandia Peak. Make sure you start early in the day as the beginning of this trail does not have much shade. Once you go over Post Pass, you drop down into some very nice (and cool) canyons before climbing up to Oso Pass. From Oso Pass, it is a very steep climb up to South Sandia Peak. The views along this hike are very nice. Instead of retracing your steps, you can hike down the south crest trail to the Canyon Estates trail head parking lot. When I did my trip I was dropped off at the Three Gun Spring trail head and picked up at the Canyon Estates. Take lots of water with you.

10 days ago

Very nice trail for a quick workout and great views! I used to hike this trail every afternoon in the summer after work to get into shape. Round trip (about 3.9 miles) can be easily done in 2 hours, however, once you get to the crest overlook you will want to spend some time taking in the view. Note: use caution on this trail after the first snowfall. The mix of snow/ice/mud can be deceiving and is easy to slip on ice if you are not careful. Make sure you bring along some good walking poles. It can also be very windy and cold at the top of the crest so bring appropriate clothing. I am always amazed, especially in the late fall and early winter, how many people will hike up this trail in tennis shoes and light clothing and not carry any additional gear, water, food, etc. I always take my ruck with enough gear and supplies to spend the night, if necessary, matter how nice the weather may be.

This trail is also a good starting point to get to the Crest Trail and the 10K trail. One of my most memorable trips was to hike up Tree Spring trail to the Crest Trail and then head south all the way to South Peak and exit at the southern end of the Crest Trail at Canyon Estates trail head. This was a very long trip (over 12 miles if I remember correctly), however, I had the whole day to do it and thoroughly enjoyed it! The hike through the aspen groves and short hike up South Sandia Peak was the highlight of the trip. This is a one-way trip so you either have to make arrangements to park a car at Canyon Estates trail head parking lot or have someone pick up up.

14 days ago

Did it about ten days ago. Beautiful and not difficult.

17 days ago

Trail is easy to follow until reaching the crest (follow the pink ribbons). Tons of sights and history. A cave, B-17 wreck, and early 20th century homestead plus grave site. Watch for grazing cattle. This hike is surprisingly worthwhile for a short few miles of investment. Approach trailhead via dirt road to Fourth of July campground out of Tajique. Google the trail for gps coords of various POI and directions.

Used trail to descend from Manzano Peak. A crew has freshly cleared all deadfall and scrub rendering trail useable again. 11/20/2016

I love this trail, would do it again in a minute! Bring a camera, the views are great.

Perfect for a shorter hike

I absolutely love hiking the sandias. I try to get out at least once a week all year long adventuring to each side nook and cranny that's appropriate for the weather conditions that day. This trail is very steep and if there are more than a few hikers out that day it feels over crowded. With many shear rocks the noise of even the quietest conversation carries throughout the canyon. If you're looking for a challenging and quick steep climb this is the perfect trail for you.

24 days ago

Really nice challenging trail.

Really nice hike. 5.0 mile loop. Only saw two bikers. No glass on trail, a little rocky. Recommend going counter clockwise. Hill first, downhill on the way back.

We attempted biking and some of us hiking in the area but the path we mistakenly took was more for driving a vehicle. We didn't get very far but it was a pleasurable hike with nice views and tall pine trees. Beware of bears and cougars!

eh, there is no real turn around point so you have to hike the same route up and back. if youre looking for a good workout, this is a good trail because its a steady climb the entire way up. its about a 1700 foot incline from the starting point to the first 3 miles, which is where i turned around at.

The scenery on this trail is nice but the train itself is very very rocky. I've hiked extensively in the mountains and this is one of the worst trails. When you reach the top you're awarded with incredible views but there are better trails.

1 month ago

I really enjoyed this hike. It is not difficult at all you pass cliffs, lower mountain scenery, and reach the fall. It's more of a drip but there is a cave and it's really nice.

easy hike. I'm out of shape, and it was an easy hike for me. The falls still had water rushing over them! Trail is wide, but lots of loose rock. Also, lots of Cacti....right on the trail...caution if you bring kids or dogs. Very popular trail, yet we only saw a few people.

on Agua Sarca Trail

1 month ago

Very hard trial, we lost the trail at a point and picked up the end of the second trail (tunnel), going around the ridge; making it a 12 mile hike. Beautiful view and challenging hike