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Wharton State Forest is the largest single tract of land within the New Jersey State Park System. It is also the site of Batsto Village, a former bog iron and glassmaking industrial center from 1766 to 1867 that currently reflects the agricultural and commercial enterprises that existed here during the late 19th century. Throughout Wharton are rivers and streams for canoeing, hiking trails (including a major section of the Batona Trail), miles of unpaved roads for mountain biking and horseback riding and numerous lakes, ponds and fields ideal for wildlife observation. Bald eagles, red-tailed hawks, marsh hawks, ospreys, great blue herons, swans, screech owls, great-horned owls, bluebirds, hummingbirds, purple martins, goldfinch, turkeys, beavers, river otters, fox and deer are only some of the wildlife the alert visitor can see.

its no longer open to the public..

trail running
3 months ago

The Batsto Lake White Trail (White blaze/marker) is about 4 miles start to finish. The trail is shared with the Batsto Lake Blue Trail (Blue blaze/marker) and the Batona Trail (Pink blaze/marker) for parts of its length.
I've enjoyed the use of this path through the woods for trail running. Easy on the legs yet a good workout.

4 months ago

Beautiful, quiet, easy walk.

Nice, peaceful.

Have been coming here for years. Great place to camp if you like it rough. Deer, coyote, fox... It's an adventure :)

This experience for my friend and I was one of the worst of our entire lives. The trails lead to absolutely nothing but a fire tower, which while cool, isn't fulfilling for the large amount of nothing that led to it

Be careful when you park because our gps brought us to a sand path in the middle of the woods. Luckily we did not get stuck but another group of hikers did. Not exactly kid friendly. The watch tower is filled in with graffiti and curse words. But awesome view from the top if you are brave enough to walk up!!

A lot to offer here. My girlfriend and I made a day trip here last summer. Only downfall was how hot it was but luckily we were prepared. We decided to hit up a trail that was 50 miles long. We didn't do the whole thing but were able to complete about a 10 mile all-around hike. We ventured through the trail until it became a very narrow trail. There was a downed tree blocking part of it about 7 miles in. We could tell no one had been on it for a while. Regardless it was a fun time.

Took the batona trail from carranzo memorial, out and back. Great hike, even in winter. The lookout tower was a nice treat.

Cold in the snow!!!

Pretty clear day, climbed up the tower but was locked. Hung out, was still able to see AC and Philly which was cool. Would love to see at night. Anyone know if you can camp or does patrol come around at night?

Park your car on one of the PAVED roads leading into this area! Unless you have a jeep with excellent off road tires and lots of clearance don't even attempt to drive the roads to the tower.

That being said; having done most of my hiking on more woodsy and mountain trains, this was an interesting change. Flat, Soft, needle covered trails that snake through the Jersey Pine Barrens. Basically blueberry bushes and the Jersey Pines the whole lengthy of the hike. The most difficult part of the hike was the walk on the very soft and sandy road leading to the trail. If you've never hiked the Pine Barrens: you should try it for the change of scenery.

1 year ago

Fine. Trail needed maintenance and constantly bush whacking. Lots of ticks but fire tower rewarding.

Amazing view from the top of the tower.