Wrong name. These are the Watchung Mountains.

A lot of fun though not well marked.

Address is incorrect.

I loved the hike!!

A decent, pretty flat hike. There are a lot of different trails to choose from, but I'd be careful to follow the tracker because many of the trails aren't well marked, as others have said. The view of the reservoir is nice, with a lot of rocky overlooks to sit and relax on while enjoying the scenery.

Nice trail. No markings makes it hard to know where you're going.

One of my favorite places to visit. There are a lot of neat little areas that are just so nice to sit in and soak up the view. The trails are not marked very well, but if you have a day to just explore, this park is a nice one to do so.

Nice leisure trail out and back from Washington Valley parking lot, out around the reservoir. Pretty flat out and obviously a popular mountain biking trail.

My track is only with the help if this app and GPS, because this trail is poorly marked. There were many forks that were unmarked throughout this track. One turn was through a broken down metal fence which looked sketchy. Would do it again, but only with All Trails tracker.