great hike in nature, disappointed that the falls are at the bottom next to the parking lot.

13 days ago

Steep stairway to top but fairly easy hike overall. The falls are directly across from the parking area.

fantastic trail, but really intense in the beginning of the track. lots of climbing [my fitbit rated it as 167 flight of stairs], lots of rocks to walk over. there is a nice lake on top.

Great elevation grade right in the beginning... beautiful trails. Started out early and there were very few hikers.

Fun hike steep beginning levels out and enjoy the beauty.

steep and technical, but not much to see.

Beautiful hike, nicer after there's been significant rain.

Great time with the family and dog.

The falls are absolutely amazing! The two decks and the bridge are perfect for taking pictures but the hike in the beginning is absolutely awful...its so steep for the first 20 mins of the hike. The rest of the hike is like a moderate trail. The road getting back there has a lot of potholes so if you have a car GO SLOW! And don't make a right off the bridge on your way back out to the main road! About a half a mile down the road is washed away...I don't know why it isn't blocked off...gps told us to go that way and I had to back my car all the way back to the bridge and turn around.

Fun hike!

Fun little hike

Disappointing hike given the effort required. It is incredibly steep in the begiining and the highlight of the trip is the falls which is at the start of the hike. I expected to get to an overlook or something when at the top but nothing. I like secluded and hard to get to places that seem removed from the rest of the world and how incredibly disappointing to get to the very top and go to Crater Lake (don't miss it or the hike really isn't worth it) and find out that there are tons of people on the other side that took a road up to get there. Sorry, just not exclusive enough for me. :)

Also as other reviewers hae mentioned, pay close attention to where the trail goes. Go back down hemlock from the AT if you came up the blue marked trail and visited crater lake. I enjoyed the cross country trails that you hit after the short climb down Hemlock trail but the trail after that isn't marked and you'll need to follow the proper route to link back up to the steep downhill part of front end of the original trail.

Finally, ABSOLUTELY watch the road going south away from the falls. If you have a car with low ground clearance or value your suspension and bumpers go out the north side of Mountain Rd. Your car will thank you. The potholes were gigantic and it had recently rained and the massive puddles made it impossible to know just how deep they were. Given how far out this trail is I'd find other trails more worth the effort and potential damage to your vehicle. If however you want to see a fantastic waterfall, by all means visit, just skip the hike.

Absolutely beautiful trail!!!! Very challenging in the beginning, but it is worth every effort.

3 months ago

This is the tallest waterfall in NJ and it is right next to the road. Next to it is a great trail that takes you through a forest and leads to the Appalachian Trail. Tough in places but cool. Check out my full review along with some things to look out for.

Really tough man! Uphill battle all the way. Mad blisters at the end of the day but really great. No overlook or swimming hole so that was sad. Don't go when it's 94 degrees out. Definitely doing it again.

4 months ago

Steep incline and difficult in the beginning. Once you get to the top it flattens out for most of the rest of the trail. There's a pretty lake at the top. Keep an eye on the AllTrails map because it's easy to get off trail or on to another trail. One point connects to the Appalachian Trail. Also, know that to get to the falls you have to take a narrow, gravel road full of deep, unavoidable potholes and puddles the width of the road. If you're taking a nice car back there be prepared to scuff the bumpers.
***P.S. The waterfall is right at the trailhead and that's it. After that there's not really anything super eye-catching

Awesome local waterfalls to hang out on, and the stairs are a great work out. Down for this adventure anytime, except the road is rough getting there :/