Nice place but a lot of foot traffic depending on the time that you go. The trails are scenic but if solitude is what you're looking for, this isn't the place to go. Going to try going during the week day when I'm able to in hopes it is slightly better!

Love the many trails that can be used. It can feel like a new park just by exploring a new section of the park. In most parts of the park biking is really easy. And they keep adding trails to the park. I use it mostly for hiking and a little birding.

Great, well maintained, pretty lake and a nice little creek down in the woods of Rosedale park. Well trafficked so don't expect solitude during peak hours, but most weekdays are rather quiet. Often see horses on the trails. Easy terrain, but the non-gravel trails get quite muddy and sloppy in spring/fall when it's been raining frequently. Plenty of trails with enough variation to make a walk of whatever length you want, but it's all mostly flat, only a few hills. And quite a few deer and other wildlife wandering around to see.

trail running
11 months ago

mountain biking
1 year ago

Beautiful, relatively new and very well marked trail! I started from lake Rosedale in Rosedale Park and did the loop around Northwest Park. This trail or at least this section is not paved so I wasn't crazy excited but the lake, the scenery in general and the fact that trail is very well marked with signs showing you where to go were reasons I had fun on that trail. The trail can take you to see different things (AT&T tower, farmlands, etc.) so the signs are great help.