Almost more of a walk than a bike, but not bad! Enjoyed it :)

nice quick little higher, view isn't bad.

Definitely not a difficult hike except for the end. Definitely do the last "Top of Tourne"'s the best view of the trail

Great workout with a gorgeous view of the NYC skyline.

This park has a taste of everything. From fast singletrack to rock boulders, rock gardens, roots, log rollovers and awesome downhills. If you like to climb, there is a great trail (Yellow) to climb and check out some spectacular views too.

A wonderful short hike. Beautiful views off to the west on the way up and from the top to the east.

I like this place for its views and locality. Nice trails are great in the fall. Picnic areas, a pavillion and a baseball field.

I really enjoy coming here. It is really relaxing.