Established in 1914 as New Jersey's first state park, Swartswood is well known for its great fishing and tranquil surroundings. Little Swartswood and Swartswood Lake were formed by glaciers thousands of years ago and are now home to a variety of fish. Both lakes have been the focus of water quality improvement efforts including invasive aquatic weed control and watershed protection. Whether you are on land or water, there is always a chance you will catch a glimpse of the spectacular wildlife in Swartswood from bald eagles to the unique plant life found in our sinkhole ponds. The park is open year round with a variety of recreational activities available depending on the season. During the summer, colorful sailboats take to the water either on a leisurely sail around the lake or while participating in the sailing regattas scheduled throughout the season.

There is no marked trail here other than the path that runs along Junction Rd. Basically just a short boring walk through the woods.

Very easy trail. Not much scenery and close to roads and houses. Lots of horse activity and it shows in the many deep muddy hoof prints and manure all over the trail. Bring a bag to help pick up the beer cans and coffee cups.

This is no trail. It's a graveyard of fallen trees. Don't do it.

Very enjoyable trail, definitely beware of ticks! Wherever it is muddy, lots of buggies hanging around. Very, very moderate level.

We've hiked along this trail from one end to the other in summer, winter, spring and fall. Rain, snow and heat. So much to see. So much to do experience. Great walk.

Easy walk through the woods. This is a fairly well marked dirt trail. Very nice. You can do this in sneakers; hiking boots not needed.