29 days ago

Lots of good, hilly trails in the reservation. I was really happy to have my phone with the app though. The trails are not marked all that well and it can be hard to know where you are.

Good trail for little kids

Trails poorly marked and trail maps are few and broken. Nice area but limited parking.

Beautiful hike with some rough terrain. A good amount of inclines. Rocky trails. Really nice stretch song a ridge. Great hike.

great. easy to follow with this app. only negatives are that there are many people at certain points and you can see the road for about 1fourth of the route.

The trails at south mountain are amazing. Perfect proximity to the zoo, shopping, freeways, parking, it also has a great overlook loop on south side of the reservation. Wide and graveled mostly, easy to walk with a group or the family. Enjoy it!

So disappointed with this trail. Not only was the waterfall super tiny, the trail was filled with broken glass everywhere we turned. I climbed to the top of the waterfall only to find that I couldn't place my hands down because of the large amounts of glass. Hard to do when there was a scramble. Also, the waterfall had graffiti on it along with other parts of the trail. New Jersey

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2 months ago

Not bad. Some of the trails are not marked well. Thank goodness for this app!

Nice loop through the woods. Suitable for kids too. Not too crowded.

Blazes were very poorly marked, however the trails were able to be followed with the help of trail maps.

3 months ago

From the very beginning these trails have no proper direction or markings so we had no idea where to start off. But we found it and did the entire Yellow trail. It was very nice and beautiful scenery. We saw a snake, deer and lots of chipmunks. The water fall wasn't huge but still nice and relaxing. We hike around and to the top of the waterfall, sunbathed and had lunch...super relaxing. Now on the way back we got lost cuz the Markings are horrible we followed the red/white ended up by blue then all white an hour later finally found the yellow back to the car. All together like 5hrs hiking including our breaks, but still a Nice day :)

4 months ago

Nice trail. Markings on the trees are pretty straight forward to follow and coordinate with the South Mountain Reservation map just enough so that you can figure out where you're going. Even if you do get lost, it's an enjoyable enough hike to where you won't regret getting lost in the first place. I went in the middle of the day and there were a good amount of people around. I passed someone maybe every 3 minutes. The waterfall isn't everything you think it will be, I posted pictures to show what it looked like in July. But there is a great spot to lounge on top of the waterfall with a nice view

4 months ago

Nice loop with some great scenery. A nice little respite in the middle of bustling NJ. Did it on a Tuesday morning so the trail was all mine. My only complaints are that you can still hear traffic from the local roads and the trail isn't marked very well. Also, don't expect much from the "waterfall".

5 months ago

Really nice trail. Signs are a bit hard to follow so pin yourself to the app. Fun to get lost and find your way though.