My wife and I really enjoyed this hike. It has little hills that break up the usually flat jersey hikes. We will be visiting again

road biking
1 month ago

was rough on the bike. lots of tree roots, better hiking than biking

2 months ago

Legit. Nice and wide open, service the whole way for easy map use. There's a fit trail as well. My dog loved it. Saw a couple people less than 5. Easy definitely not a difficult trail but can be. Good for running nice even ground.

took my 11 and 7 year old was a fun starter trail for the kids.

4 months ago

River's Edge was fun. Narrow path, some muddy parts, steep steps in certain places, lots of greenery. Went with my teenage daughter and enjoyed every moment. Did Hidden Creek next which was much easier with wide open paths. Great trails overall!

trail running
4 months ago

The Shark River Trails are such a treat! Not being from the area, I'd never have guessed that this delightful diamond could be found in the city "rough!" The fit trail is a blast and makes for a super dynamic workout. Also, the way the sun cuts through the trees while birds and squirrels scurry around you makes for a truly peaceful experience! Not super heavily trafficked that I've seen, and most of the trails have a pretty wide path. If you're in the area, I would definitely check it out!!

I hate the spider webs lol but I love this trail. I just started running and trying to get in shape and with all the hills I know I'm getting a good work out. I know I'll be back. I love nature so this is the perfect spot for me!

5 months ago

I love this park. Been going to this park for over twenty years and it's a jem. Today I took the more challenging 1 mile one way on Rivers Edge. if your traveling east it has some challenging uphill climbs. Maybe difficult for some. the only thing to remind you that you are in a built up area is the sound of the highway in spots.
love this park. it's beautiful.

What a great little surprise in Neptune, NJ! I love the jungle feeling of lush, green trails with accessible streams. It is a refreshing change from the woods walks we find so many times. I took the outside loop and added the pine hills trail loop for good measure. Trail is well marked with the only confusing point coming at the intersection of a large field. The AllTrails app was a lifesaver here.

As with most hikes, I go early. As a result, I was alone on the trails the entire route. One of the beauties of this trail is that it gives you the feeling of being in a remote location for most of the hike, when you are actually in the center of Neptune, NJ. Quite a trick these days. This little system is one of my new favorite local hikes!

8 months ago

Nice 4 mile run with a few bridges along the river. There was good elevation for being near the beach and very few people. Down side was hearing traffic from parkway.

I grew up in this park, so my 5 stars may be a bit biased. That said, it really is fun and the park offers a lot of natural diversity. All the trails are easy, I prefer the Hidden Creek-Pine Hills Loop accessed from Gully Road as it is the least traveled, reaches the highest point in the park and connects to some off park paths.

great place. Something for everyone. Go here all the time with our 3 yo and there's always something new to see or a part of a trail we haven't explored yet. Can get lost sometimes as the markings aren't abundant, but it certainly gives an adventure! If you want to stay on easy trails and not go too deep in this doesn't happen.

The descriptions are accurate about this park. Went to Shark River for the first time yesterday, and will definitely be back again. Parts of the trail were a bit muddy (I don't mind) but had better wildlife than most local parks. Trails were well kept though, signs could be a bit better. Absolutely loved the Rivers Edge Trail, short but filled with great views, and a bunch of twists and turns.

Shark River Park is down the street from where I currently live. Besides traveling around the country and world I have been going to Shark River Park since I was 5 years old (1960). The big field off Gully road and the fields (which are now trees) on either side of Hidden Creek used to be a large scrap yard with hundreds of vehicles which were cleared up in the mid 1970s.

I work from home so I am and at the park just about everyday walking or jogging and always find something new. The descriptions below are accurate. Keep in mind that the main Shark River Brook runs west to east and is the northern boundary of the park.

Not mentioned in the accurate descriptions are the two friendly brown water snakes (with blue eyes) that live under the bridge off of the north leg of Hidden creek trail. Also on this same trail which is good for biking and hiking are hundreds of wild blueberry trees which bloom in late June and early July.

In various locations throughout the park I have counted about three hundred (300) Lady's Slippers (wild orchids). See attached photo. They usually only bloom between May 1 and May 31. To give an idea where one batch is, go to the Gully Road entrance, then go west a hundred yards ago across the big field, go down the little hill toward the new bridge, and there is about 30 of these Lady Slippers (with one pink flower).

When one is up on the Pine Hills trail, looking close from the highest point one can see the Glendola Reservoir. There is rough "hidden" trail that runs north and south along the park/reservoir fence line and hooks back into the north leg of the park's Hidden Creek trail.

Part of the Shark River Park is also west of the Parkway which mostly runs along Shark River brook. At night there are a few flying tree squirrels in this very remote area. Keep heading further west behind the Tally Ho Restaurant and there is the former Blueberry Acres farm (private property) that borders some of the park where there are still thousands of uncultivated blueberry bushes and trees which are still thriving.

I absolutely love Shark River Park! I just walked the Bridge Loop and around the lake yesterday after work. The trails in the woods are terrific and I especially like River's Edge and Pine trails.

road biking
3 years ago

This area is definatly a workout on your bike and is well worth a look!