makes for a great short day hike with some pretty views and a few parts of the trail that are a little technical.

Very nice hike.

Did 3.6 miles of trails with my daughter and lab buster brown. A little slick down by the stream after the rain this weekend, good walk, very few people out on the trails. Good morning hike.

Good trail, pretty well marked. Had a great day hiking!

It was a bit boring for me, but next time I will do all the trails within the trail system and I'm sure it will be better. Great for kids.

Great scenes and a nice view of the town from 900 feet up. Most of the trails are clearly labeled and have a fun mix of rocky and flat terrain.

Different portions of this trail are very different. The section along the stream is quite rocky and involves some scrambles over rocks and fallen trees. It basically follows the white on the hill or the blue along the stream. The other half follows the yellow grand loop trail and the beeline trail. That portion is generally wider, less steep, and less rocky.

Great family hike. Did it with wife, 8 yo, 6 yo and 2.5 yo kids

This park has a lot to offer for anybody. Has waterfalls, a lake, meadows with beautiful flowers, and an awesome view to top it off. The trails are kind of hard to follow but if you follow the colored marks on the trees then you will be fine. Don't take the highland cut if you want to see the view, follow the grand loop until you hit the sign for "overlook"

Had a great day hiking with my kids. The trails were well marked, l will definitely go back!

Slippery after the rains. Good for a quick early morning hike in summer. Will come back here more as its a good warm up hike prior to longer hikes.

Poorly marked trails. I am not sure why this is classified as moderate. It is on the easier end of trails that have some elevation gain. Still enjoyable.

The views of the waterfall were awesome!!! There are a few picnic-worthy spots too. There were a lot of steep parts and several rocks to climb so it was definitely moderate. The trail was confusing at times but with some backtracking we figured it out.

great trail along the stream is a lot of fun

Live this park

Short but sweet. Poorly marked but keep walking there will be more blazes. The trail map online is good. Took the grandloop trail from the main lot which starts behind the pavilion on the hill. Made a left to continue on yellow then right for the bee line trail. At the road had to turn and come back just a bit since there was no trail marker to the white trail now on the left to head up to the overlook. After the overlook went back down to green to the falls. Made a right a right on the road following the river and kept following green past a small home until it turned into blue all the way back to the lot.

Parking lot at Fairview Ave lot 2.50 mile in 1 hour. Started the Patriot Path to the right at 1st fork this is the only area where was a little challenging, otherwise the trail is easy not well marked but easy to follow. Next fork followed Grand Loop. Came to the a flat area and turned left. Found pink trail which was well marked until a 3 way split took far right which lead to the overlook nice rock formation but end trail. Backed to pink trail and took 2nd right trail back to parking lot. I use app MapMyHike to track my trail cause AllTrail did work.

Got a little confused bc there weren't any trail maps but it was a great hike. Take the pink trail for a short hike to the overlook... I would say easy to moderate!

First time hiking, and to boot by myself. I was a bit nervous at first being that I came across a few piles of bear poo. It was a great hike, I enjoyed the enclosed wooded area and trails, no bears in sit. Going up was challenging , but well worth it. I have found a new hobby!