We did not do the falls, rather using this map parked in lot on Fairview and hiked up to see the view. It was beautiful and although difficult in some spots for my younger son (9), a fun, short hike. Took us about an hour.

Fiance and I went for a Sunday Morning Hike and it was nice and relaxing. we loved it.

2 months ago

Decent overlook spot especially to see foliage. Good 2hr hike with the kids

makes for a great short day hike with some pretty views and a few parts of the trail that are a little technical.

Very nice hike.

Did 3.6 miles of trails with my daughter and lab buster brown. A little slick down by the stream after the rain this weekend, good walk, very few people out on the trails. Good morning hike.

Good trail, pretty well marked. Had a great day hiking!

It was a bit boring for me, but next time I will do all the trails within the trail system and I'm sure it will be better. Great for kids.