The Rancocas Creek provides an idyllic setting to observe nature up close in this rustic park. Hikers, bicyclists and joggers are welcome, however, there are no staffed facilities on site. The New Jersey Audubon Society operates a Nature Center on the Park (entrance off Rancocas Road) and sponsors varied wildlife programs. The Powhatan Indians manages a museum and a replica of a Native American village, both designed to educate visitors on their culture. The Powhatans hold festivals in the spring and fall months that offer music, performances and crafts".

Was a beautiful autumn day and enjoyed this park. However, Thank God for this app cause I got off the path quit a few times. Parts of trail that was evident of a trail (the ground) were marked but then you hit a lot of splits & no markings in the split. I had to guess based on app & still ended up in wrong direction or a path that wasn't really a trail. Could use better/closer markings to distinguish direction. I eventually ran into the Nature Museum & can see if you enter thru there & just do the small trails they have around there for families it's well marked. If you are hiking the main "RSP" (museum people kept saying the Indian Reservation side) then keep eye on app for map & your location. All in all it was a nice scenic hike w/a moderate terrain on a crisp day. I thought drawback was having to keep my phone in hand the whole time. I would consider coming again when I have times I'm not feeling like the drive to the Water Gap but thinking it's worth drive cause even those mountainous trails are marked better.

These trails were fairly easy, our 10 yr old did them just fine. But parts were a little confusing. But upon talking to someone after our hike that worked there, she told us there were a couple little, newer trails that weren't on the map. So maybe that caused the confusion. I did get a couple nice pictures from there, but I have no real desire to go back.

I liked it here. We only ran into 1 hunter & 1 group going fishing. It was pretty secluded. There were some short uphills, roots, & narrow trails in some spots. But I'm a beginner and pretty much out of shape & I handled it fine. :-)

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1 month ago

My 6 year old son and I went biking down this trail today and it was a challenge. Many roots and obstacles and overgrown in areas. We're not too experienced with biking so I don't think I'll be using this trail for that again... but it was a beautiful area with great views. It gave you a very private and secluded feeling that was very peaceful... but it sure kicked our mountain biking butts!

I did a mix of the green, white, blue, yellow, and orange trails coupled with deer trails. About 6 miles. Nice area, nice trails, but keep a lookout for ticks. I had two of them after my hike.

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3 months ago

Summary: Beware of TICKS on less-used paths!!!

There is a surprisingly rugged trail blazed with bright green markings along the west side of the park that can be used for mountain biking. It's pretty fun if you have some experience, but there's places where you can wipe out, so safety gear is a must.

Also note that this less-used trail gets rather overgrown in the summer. Long pants and protective glasses are a MUST!! If you decide to use this path when it's overgrown, check often for ticks! I checked myself almost every five minutes and had flicked off six of them after a 45-minute excursion.

Since the trail is accessible year-round, you may want to avoid it in the summertime. Besides these caveats, it's a fun little excursion. Probably not worth traveling for, but great if you live in the area.

4 months ago

Very nice trail and worth a short drive to get there, just be sure to bring a bandana and some deet.

4 months ago

Love these trails. Well marked, did a total of 6.5 miles. So much different scenery all throughout.

5 months ago

My wife, dog, and I went here for the first time today. The hike was lovely! We only passed one other person on a Sunday afternoon and enjoyed the feeling of being away from it all. The trails are easy to follow and well-maintained. We had a great time and felt refreshed getting back into the car.

Unfortunately, though, we won't be going back. On the drive home I felt something on the back of my neck and after feeling back there came away with a tick in my grasp. He got to see the side of the highway. On getting back to the house we gave our dog a good exam and found 11 (not a typo, eleven) ticks on him.


Ticks. Soo many ticks.

6 months ago

7 months ago

Good time. We just went to check it out... Much more to explore!

7 months ago

Great. We took a leisurely stroll. Did a nice 2.5 loop. If we were bringing kids, they'd definitely have fun riding their bikes on the paved area... The older ones could handle the hike.

Hiked around, winter time in the 50s, it was quiet and a nice track around the creek. Even saw an otter.

This is my favorite park, in my local area, that I can go to conveniently. I recommend following Rancocas Rd. further west and take the first left after Irick Rd. I like to park there because there is no gate to lock you in if you don't make it back to your care in time. There is a map there and if you follow the white trail or the brown trail to the bridge there is another map there as well. I cannot find a map anywhere on line but it's not a very big park and can be memorized after a few trips. The part belonging to the Rancocas Nature Center which can be accessed is worth a poke around, they have a nature museum and this amazing conifer grove that is just one of the most stunning scenes I've seen with my own eyes. My father grew up down the street from there and says that it was a part of a whole big tree farm, I don't know how much truth that tale holds, thought. I think my favorite trek is the white trail to the brown trail to the white trail to the green trail, two hours before sunset. I hope you visit and enjoy the eeriness of this forest.

I've been to this park a few times, I enjoy taking the blue and orange trail in a loop. The abandoned cabin on the creek side is very intriguing, one of my favorite parts about this park. I once saw a naked man running on the blue trail at dusk with my boyfriend. He was very fit, had short hair, a runner that enjoys going naked. It was quite startling but makes a funny story.

So many bugs! I had to cut my hike short because they were everywhere, flying into my ears flying into my mouth swarming around. I even had super strong bug spray on. Other than that it's a very pretty hike with a nice even incline.

2 years ago

This park can be confused with the nature center in westampton which is technically also part of the rancocas state park, however they are accessed at different spots and are separated by the rancocas creek. Both are beautiful, mostly very clean, and great for bringing doggies. You may run into hunters, so just a heads up if you see men walking around with crossbows. There is a lot of history in these woods and you can find ruins of summer homes that were owned by philadelphians on the hainesport side along the creek.