"The Ramapo Reservation," located in Mahwah, is a 3,313-acre Bergen County Park. Challenging hiking is possible, but areas closest to the parking lot are primarily used for strolling, especially with one or more dogs. Most visitors walk around Scarlet Oak Pond, a former gravel quarry, or climb on a wide, smooth-surface road to MacMillan Reservoir (which once supplied the Crocker Mansion on the far side of Ramapo Valley Road). If you come at off-peak times, occasionally you may see Giants football players jogging up to the Reservoir during training season. A short but strenuous hike to Hawk Rock via the Halifax Trail (green blaze) results in a picture-book panorama of suburban New Jersey, including Ramapo College. For the hiker, the Reservation's trails connect with those in Ringwood State Park to the west, Ramapo Mountain State Forest to the southwest, and Camp Glen Gray to the south, making possible a wide variety of rugged day-long hikes. Outside of the commonly used strolling areas, the Reservation has been left in its natural wild state, and is mostly hilly, forming part of the eastern tier of the Ramapos.

If you're looking to get away from people this is not the place to go.... not many people deep on the trails but it's like walking on a city street at the beginning and end......selfie sticks, kids and dogs.....definitely not a favorite

This place has a trail for every level. We started at the orange/blue to the yellow and stopped at the reservoir, then we took the pink 3/4 way around the reservoir and made a left onto the yellow which we had a little trouble finding, eventually we got on track with help from other hikers having the same problem, we continued on yellow to Ridge overlook the onto blue and back to our starting point. 4.5 miles 2.5 hrs. Good challenge and good workout. Bring snacks and water and enjoy this great place.

3 months ago

Dog friendly, beautiful trails and serene views. My happy place :)

Love it ! I like the waterfall , lookout rock , and running barefoot off trail on the rocks

4 months ago

This is a fun and easy trail to take. There is the spot to go to in the area. It's dog friendly and with a licenses you can fish here too. It's a great train for beginners. I recommend this trail to everybody.

trail running
4 months ago

Great for a challenging run

4 months ago

Great trail. Ascents are challenging but manageable. They do a great job of marking and maintaining the trail. They also stock the river with trout on Thursdays if you're into fishing.

5 months ago

Steep slope around first lake. Big loop puts us around a 7 mile hike.

It was an amazing experience! We went to the first trail of 7miles defiantly was difficult good thing we had a print out map to guide us ! Was great ! Got to swim at the ending in the lake great time! So many trails to pick

Visited for the first time, a week ago. The place is amazing, if you are into photography bring your camera, it is guarantee that you will find some amazing photo opportunities. If you have knee issues, just don't forget to bring your knee support. And just enjoy the nature walk. Unfortunately there is no biking in the park. But there is plenty of walking trails. The place is also dog friendly, just make sure you have the leash and drinking water. Prepare to have him or her jump into the lake, saw several dogs just enjoying the lake and going in for a quick swim!

Excellent place to go hiking with your dog. Walk straight in from the parking lot and go directly a pillow on the main trail, and you'll find very clean water reservoir were tons of dogs go swimming. There are also many beautiful overlook points, inside trails that are much more difficult than the main trail to the Upperlake. This park is great for beginners, plain exercise, walking laps around the lower Lake on flat ground, or visiting waterfalls in marshland at higher altitude. Fishing is possible however no bicycling at this park

Amazing hike ,did almost for 8 miles , uphill close to the lake will definitely test your strength .
Yellow track is recommendable .

Have fun