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This hilly forest is a sanctuary for wildlife. Hikers and mountain bikers enjoy miles of challenging trails. Many trails offer a view of the New York City skyline. Birdwatchers are attracted to the forest for its ponds, streams and marshes that provide the perfect habitat for bird and other wildlife species. The forest borders the Ramapo Mountain Reservation, which is part of the Bergen County Park System.

Nice walk with views

on Ramapo Mountains Loop

1 month ago

Beautiful hike, however know your trails! We got lost for a bit and our 1 mile intended hike turned into 5 miles lol! The way back is mostly uphill. Lots of photo ops! Enjoy!

This trailhead is closed. The NY/NJ Trail Conference recommends parking at Pool Hollow Rd and taking the Hoeferlin trail to the Cannonball trail. I did the loop that includes going around Ramapo Lake. One thing that I did notice is that my location was always off from the downloaded track.

Great hike. The castle ruins are very well-traveled, but most people come in from Skyline. Downloaded this app after hiking this trail, hoping to see the lesser trails marked.

easy hike with some nice overlook views. lake is beautiful

Beautiful hike with gorgeous views of the lake. The terrain was pretty easy around the lake with more challenging paths if desired.

Did this hike beginning from the park in Haskell. For first timers, although an easy hike/walk it was a little confusing. Once you enter woods and cross stream you'll see various direction signs, continue straight up the hill infront of you. The hike is straightforward from this point on. Once you reach an old paved road, walk straight and pass the first rocky road on your left. The second rocky road on your left is what you want if you are following the All trails GPS. This road walks you down along side the lake forna good distance. Once at the end, theres an intersection! Make a left toward the concrete pillars to get to the Castle. There will be a sign for Castle Point just up the hill. Once you get to the Castle, there is more to see behind the Castle. Walk to the back of the castle and follow the small trail on the left side by the driveway. There are lookouts and another structure just down that trail. Have fun and enjoy! It is amazing and beautiful

This trail has been posted is no longer accessible and is closed to the public. We were told there is unexploded ammunition on the trail.

I love this hike. Allows you to
get away into some of least traveled parts of the park. Great with dogs too !

Great hike!! Will definitely be back to explore a bit more.

Nice trail. The loop around the lake is scenic but more of a dirt road than a trail.

This place is gorgeous, there aren't too many people- even by the lake. Don't make the same mistake I did leaving the trails at sundown, and getting lost ; Apart from that I highly recommend it

Nice hike with interesting features. The old ruined house is cool, views of the lake, and a decent overlook. Trails are well marked, classic jersey rocky and rooty.