The undisturbed forest and rugged terrain of Norvin Green offers sanctuary for birds and other wildlife. Part of the Wyanokie Wilderness Area, the forest is near Wanaque Reservoir and is home to an extensive trail system built from old logging roads. Several trails link up with public and private facilities, including the Weis Ecology Center and reservoir property. The existing trails, either old forest roads or new trails constructed by volunteers, are perfect for nature walks and other outdoor classroom activities. With hills ranging from 400 to 1,300 feet in elevation, Norvin Green provides the avid hiker with scenic vistas, including the New York skyline, Burnt Meadow Brook and Lake Sonoma. The property is accessible by foot only.

Great little day hike . Passing "stone living room" was a great feature as well. Rocks rocks rocks

It's confusing for sure but easy to figure out. Just look for the markers, I had never hiked this trail before and wound up doing one of the more difficult blue trail which they should post what markers mean what and their difficulties in their lots. Either way it was a nice workout hike up the mountain with a nice view.

Very good trail easy to follow the view is gorgeous but it is VERY LONG and TIRING . You can see the NYC skyline from the top. I do not recommend for older people (60+) as I personally think it is a harder trail.

4 months ago

good hike well marked half the loop is blue the return on the loop as shown on map is orange yellow.

I enjoyed the trail but my intentions were to hike Wyanoke High Point and then onto Chikahoki Falls but the maps I brought along and the trail flares (or lack there of) weren't of much use. I think hiking Wyanoke is pretty straight forward and well mapped/flared out but beyond it, it might get difficult. Definitely have a GPS (or luck out and meet a nice bunch of locals who will help point you in the right direction) of some sort because it might be hard to navigate without it. Regarding High Point itself, its not too challenging of a hike and the best views are near the summit.

The trail and the view are beautiful. I had a great time on this hike BUT
-Unlike the description on alltrails there are multiple hike routes for this trail and they are
1. definitely longer than 3 miles (think more like 10-15)
2. not necessarily a loop

Since the map is totally awful (for multiple reasons, but one being there is no indication of distance whatsoever) I assumed the 1 actual loop (green/blue trail) is the 3 mile loop. Since from the map it is the only trail that loops around.
My BF and I began at the highland natural pool (this is where the GPS will take you direct from the app). We were hiking for about 3 hours following the blue trail (we took a detour to highpoint, then went back to blue), thinking we must be close to the exit, we see a group of people and they said the exit was about 20 mins away, but "by the waterfall". Now entering a slight panic (since the sun was getting ready to set) we headed that way (still following blue trail). We get out to the street and asked a family who was there if they knew where the natural pool was and they said about 7 miles. Another 1-1.5 hours after going back into the woods OR 7-8 miles of walking on the street. No cell service available, sun is setting. The family was kind enough to give us a ride to our car (about 10-15 min drive).
I still highly recommend this hike, it is super fun, great view etc. But I want to make sure the description is clear to everyone. I don't want anyone to end up in a similar situation. Happy hiking!

Awesome day on this trail....seen 6 wild turkeys and a couple deer.... Views were spectacular on high point.... Definitely one of my favorites

Need more convenience options in this trail like restrooms, guide center with maps etc. we followed the trail signs and got lost. Google maps didn't help much. But the woods are thick for summer and avoided the sun directly hitting us. We enjoyed the effort we put in and the calories we lost :)

I thought it was a moderately hard hike with a lot of uphill hiking, but then balanced out with downhill parts too. It is dog-friendly though since my dog was able to make it the whole way. Definitely bring a lot of water.

But forgot to mention that you have to make it to Osio Rock to make it amazing.

Amazing as usual