Love this place with kids. Have gone before and they have many places to see turtles and birds and the boardwalk makes it easy to navigate with children.

Nice, flat tral, many options of routes.

Nice trail for an easy walk. Great view of turtles. Don't forget bug spray.

Fantastic trails. Gorgeous and serene. Lots of snakes.

There where way to many bugs I came back to the car and I had 7 mosquito bite some random parts of my body.

A nice place to spend 1-2hrs on a Sunday afternoon. The boardwalk made for some cool pictures. Very kid friendly but no pets allowed in this park.

I did this trail twice. Once last winter and once this past spring. In the spring there were just too many bugs and too much mud. I am not afraid of bugs at all but when the hike was over my pants were just covered in tiny bugs and my sneakers were caked in mud. I obviously should have worn my hiking boots and bug spray is a must. Last winter was much nicer. It was a beautiful clear day but the trails were still muddy. They also had a lot of damage from Sandy so some of the trails were completely closed. The trails are well marked and there are maps along the way to help get your bearings.

We marked trails that go from almost too perfectly groomed to overgrown with vegetation. A great hike. I had a perfect day and went early on a summer workday. I only saw one other person. I almost went skating on the boardwalk -- careful. The moss builds up on your shoes and they can be like ice skates after a rain. But a great trail. Nice wild flowers and excellent bird watching (thanks to the burgeoning bug population -- the price for the swampy terrain). Not challenging but beautiful and interesting. Great for a run given the abundance of cinder and well padded trails.

Had a great time at this place today. Lots of animals and also bugs. I thought the observatory towers were awesome and definetly worth hiking out to. Also great that the passiac is right up the rode for fishing