easy hike with great view at the top

mountain biking
1 month ago

great spot for A family with kids .
great views,kids enjoy it every time .
good markings for beginners.

Good evening hike after work.

Nice and easy! Did the blue trail, wasn't too crowded and it was a scenic hike

This was a nice hike, I did the red-yellow trail loop. I definitely would like to check out the other trails here as well. At the summit I happened upon 6 or 7 whitetails, I was quiet enough that they didn't startle and we stood observing each other for 15 minutes or so. Today was a beautiful cloudless fall day and the view was wonderful. My path was crossed by dozens of chipmunks and squirrels. Not a hard hike at all, but you will have a nice work out on a few steep inclines.

the trails should be marked a little better but still very beautiful !!

1 year ago

A decent trail with a little bit of elevation. The top of High Mountain has some nice views, but there is also some broken glass (most likely beer bottles). Parts of the trail can be a bit rocky, and the blazes can occasionally get a tad off, but nothing too hard to follow. You're best off starting at the north end, parking in the traffic circle on Winding Hollow Drive.

DON'T use the directions, they are false. Enter the trail from William Paterson University. The trailhead is off a very small parking lot. Good luck finding parking.

This is a great hike just a short drive from where I live. Some areas can get pretty rocky & there are quite a few rutted areas from dirt bikes. I had a little bit of trouble following parts of the white trail. There were some other marks on some trees, perhaps paintballs. You definitely need to stay aware during that portion of the trail (along the golf course). I extended the hike by taking a Geocaching side trip, my first geocaching experience!