love this place! we hike these trails with our 4 kids all the time they have a blast doing it!

2 months ago

Relaxing. Pretty easy. A few steep areas but for the most part a safe and simple-to-follow path. Great views of the Navesink River.

A couple of tough climbs, but well worth it. We added a few other trails to get in 5+. Beautiful woods!

Loved these trails. Several come out to beautiful views of the Navasink River. Trails had a bit of elevation to them but nothing too hard for the novice.

Beautiful summer Sunday afternoon. Did Laurel ridge into the Grand Tour trail. Shared the trail with quite a few mountain bikers. These trails are listed as moderate, however, me being a novice, I found them relativity easy.

It had lots of thornbushes but no ticks so it was a lot of fun

A good experience.. Trails not well marked

Very good with the dogs !! Enjoyed this trail a lot

Beautiful views! easy trail, today was quiet.

trail running
7 months ago

Great views of the ocean along with moderately challenging running or hiking trails. Definitely worth the hike.

Great. Area offers birding, history, and beaches.

Great hike with great views. Sat by the bay for a little while because it was so peaceful. I definitely would go back again!

Hartshorne is a fun place, it's the only park close by that has woods and hills with ocean views. I live in Monmouth County and generally drive up to two hours to reach challenging hikes, but when I'm crunched for time Hartshorne is a good fall back. You will see lots of mountain bikes, so be alert and ready to step aside. I know hikers have the right of way, but you can't possible expect a biker to be able to stop on a dime! Because of the MBs, the talks are really packed and easy to wall.

mountain biking
1 year ago

Pleasant surprise and more of a workout than i anticipated. Great views of the ocean.

Nice trail with nice flowers in the spring. Also great views