1 month ago

I parked in the Culver's Gap lot to start this loop because I didn't want to walk across Route 206. Went up the AT for a few miles to the Brown/Red Trail. Then took the Red Trail all the way to Stony Lake. The rest of the loop is mostly on paved roads and a portion of Route 206 which is a very busy road. I avoided a section of 206 by taking part of Lackner Trail and an unmarked path past a small pond. I would likely avoid the paved portion if I took this loop again and instead take the Blue Trail near Stony Lake back to Sunrise Mountain Road and the parking area.
Some nice views along the AT. This hike will take around 6 hours depending on how long you rest.

Most of this trail is on paved or muddy hunting roads. I was getting bored until I headed off the main trail and up to a vista near the AT. With the detour it was around 7 miles of mostly easy flat terrain.

Cool little trail. Was very easy to park and hike.

great spot with many amazing views

great trail. Creek was a little low so it was just a trickle and I missed the loop because the trail wasn't marked that well. but I ended up by the cemetery which was a nice surprise. made for cool photos.

We hiked from the sunrise mountain lookout near Pavilion to the Tower. Some parts were very rocky and other parts were clear sailing. The only advise I really have is be very aware of your surroundings. We encountered 2 bears within 50 ft of each other on the trail. That did make for an interesting hike!

7 months ago

I must have missed the loop part of this but I hiked down to the cemetery and back. It was so awesome checking out the old gravestones (pre civil war!!!!!). Took some great pictures as well. Nice quick hike!

We spent two full days (from 5/19 noon to 5/21 noon) hiking on this trail (out and back) and a little bit further to NJ23 (the intersection of AT trail, blue trail and Iris trail). The AT Sunrise-High Point section was not difficult, and it was quite flat actually. I would rate it as moderate. The view of Lake Rutherford (on the way of Iris Trail) was stunning. The AT Trail from the intersection back to High Point was kind of difficult, mainly because of too many rocks. We stayed at the Mashipacong Shelter for the night and it was lovely. We met a lot of one-day hikers as well as through-hikers. Nice meeting those interesting people.

10 months ago

Great easy hike near Tillman Ravine. The trail follows the ravine for the most part. Easy park and walk.

Beautiful hike and well maintained set of trails that all lead back to the central welcome center. This PEEC loop described on this website is actually a collection of trails, and when combined add up to 8 miles. There are free maps when you arrive to describe each trail. We took the tumbling waters trail and the scenic gorge trail. Tumbling waters had moderate elevation especially when you reached the falls. In order to view them, you had to walk down a spur trail that had a railing (which is good for those who would find this difficult otherwise) and back up again to continue on the trail. After that there was a very nice scenic view point with a brick fireplace! The scenic gorge trail was absolutely beautiful because it was a trail through an evergreen forest. Definitely captured what's great about this area of pennsylvania. All in all, with those two trails we hiked 5 miles in about 2.5 hours. Very nice welcome center with a class going on when we arrived at noon on a Sunday, along with a collection of local fossils and some stuffed animals like a bear, birds, and other local critters. Very peaceful place, will be back again!

We did the orange loop (tumbling rivers) and it was perfect. There were places where it was steep but also some smoother spots. We did the whole loop in 2 hours but we power walked most of it. I think we started backwards because we ended with the big pond. Going this way seemed to work out better because it started with the more intense trekking and ended on more flat ground.

One of my favorite hikes around me (tumbling water trail - orange). Very educational, great nature center, helpful staff. The trails are well marked and maintained. The orange trail to the waterfall is gorgeous and quiet with some beautiful views almost half way through (before the falls). This trail also cuts through many different types of forest. I love it!

excellent and challenging hike. interesting educational information. I would definitely recommend this hike

I love this trail because it's very local to me and it is a part of the AT. I've done this a bunch of times but never used this app.

Started at the small parking lot on the border of Hampton Township @ W. Owassa Turnpike (right near 521). Crosses 206 and continues up to Sunrise Mt. Pavilion.

Really great views of Kittatinny lake and Gyps haha. Great spot to start to hike up to Sunrise Mountain. Not too much incline but a pretty good workout for the distance. I accidentally paused the recording of this hike.

**Be wary of snakes sunning themselves on some of the rocks here. I've seen rattle snakes here on two separate occasions.**

Beautiful easy hike! At the falls there are a few small pools to cool off or take a break.

Definitely not the most exciting or lengthy trail, but for an hour or two of walking and picture-taking, it is worth the hike into the ravine. The ravine can be slippery at points, as there are a few bridges and rock crossings, along with the steep climb in and out.