This forested wilderness connects watershed lands and is crossed by an old logging road. Streams, mixed oak-hardwood forest and swamps comprise the park. Trail entry is through the Farny Natural Area. Split Rock Reservoir is adjacent to the park

The trail itself was moderately challenging, with spells of beautiful scenery, but trails are very poorly marked and sometimes nearly impossible to discern. There were frequent moments where I would only realize I had diverged from the path 100 yards after the fact, only to double back and try to find the correct course. If you can figure it out though, the trail really is pretty and the views from the mountain tops were great. I won't be going back because of the poor trail markings, but it was certainly worth hiking once.

trail running
2 months ago

Torn on this one. Construction at the lot caused us to have a time finding the trail. Once on the trail, it was fairly easy to follow. It was a challenging loop, but the trail was routed very strangely. At one point the blazes go up and over a rock formation that is in the middle of green woods. Why not just go around it? Of course another side trail was formed by people doing just that. In another area the trail parallels a double wide gravel road/atv trail about 30 feet in the woods and over a serious talus field. Again, why would they double the impact and create a trail when they could have adjoined with atv trail? The whole time I was thinking "why aren't we just walking on that." Some decent views of the lake. Make sure to have a map and don't miss your turnoffs.

1 year ago

Really nice trail. Easy to moderate. View from the hawk watch is awesome and definitely worth the uphill climb. It really isn't marked well though and I found myself almost going on a different trail several times. It also is a very rocky trail. Saw two huge birds too, I think they were hawks. But I will do this trail again.

Spring 2015 I choose this hike for our first hike of the season and was disappointed. The only thing challenging was driving up the 200 pothole dirt road to the parking lot. There is a lot of construction going on and you can not cross by the dam which was one of the reasons I chose this hike. There were several construction workers near the parking lot and dam that never told us, "Don't go that way it's closed." We only did 3.5 miles in and turned around. Not much scenery and even though we had a clear day the wind was brutal coming off the water. The path didn't have much to it except you had to walk up half wet creeks causing your boots to sink in mud. Kayaking or fishing might be a better choice for this area. I'm not being picky either. I'm an experienced hiker and have been doing it for years.

trail running
3 years ago

path difficult to find from parking lot due to construction and placing of power lines. path was not maintained as of 4/12/13 - down trees, tons of leaves covering it, etc... felt like i was the only person who had been there in some time

this is the best hike in new jersey IF you have the nynjtc's highlands map...its a hiking playground if you can orient yourself. in spite of the attempts of kinnelon developers to ruin the sense of solitude, this is still the most remote feeling hike in the state.
if you aren't an experienced hiker I highly suggest not trying this without maps. you Will get lost or waste hours on top of what is a 7-8 hour hike trying to find the trail.

This is actually in Rockaway Township. The trail provides pleasant woodlands, a quiet reservoir, and the remains of a 19th century iron furnace operation. One approach takes you across a one-lane road atop the reservoir's dam. Parking is limited and, because of past problems and territorial disputes, parking and other rules are fairly strictly enforced.

5 years ago

I would have to rate this as a moderate trail, given its length, but the scenery makes it worthwhile for anyone who has the time. You cover woodlands, nice vistas, and some remains of iron mining, from large to small scale. It has some nice elevation changes, though nothing overly serious. Remember when walking the dogs that this is habitat for black bear and white tail deer - as well as many other species. Timber rattlers and copperheads are unusual sights, but not unheard of.