Lots of different trail options but not much elevation gain. This would be a great place for mountain biking however they are not permitted on the trails. Many of the trails are full of loose rock so trail runners need to choose their route carefully.

Ok... fun for kids but not much

Not a terrific trail. It was nice for the first time, don't intend to run. A majority of the trail is beside a busy road, completely removing the immersion. The trails are VERY poorly marked and confusing. Terrain extremely easy, in fact we passed a couple pushing a stroller. Biggest redeeming quality is the incredible view of Manhattan near the trail. It was clean and well maintained.

Got a little mixed up and ended up by the road. But nice place in the middle of urban life

1 year ago

Lots to see, and the dog loved it. Some of the sections were through neighborhoods; not as ideal as fully wooded trail.

love this place. took the blue trail and used the as map to find our way out right before sunset!! the dogs loved it to. not to many people at all. it was great.

Eagle Rock was 2 miles away from my home and I hiked there frequently the past 2 years. It offers great views on the NYC skyline, especially when the lights in the city come on in the early evening. Although the park is small, you can combine the well-blazed trails into different routes. I'd categorize all trails as easy, but there are some that let you hop over a small stream or climb a bit. I really liked hiking there with the dogs in the fall and winter. The park is surrounded by densely populated areas and you'll see people there all the time, except in the winter. If you prefer to be alone on the trails, South Mountain reservation is close by and is a lot less visited.

There is a great view of NYC as well as a 9/11 memorial at the start if the trail. Some of the trail markers were missing which made things a bit confusing but we made it just fine. We took our 7 year old and he loved it! Not too crowded.