bridge is kind of cool

trail running
1 month ago

typical for the area it works for a run but nothing fantastic

A beautiful scenic trail around the lake was my first experience with Cody my daughter's pet. We both loved this trail while parked making this post, a park ranger came over to see if I needed and help. The trail was well marked and well maintained. All the people we met were courteous and friendly. A beautiful experience and wonderful view. Highly recommended for runners and hikers.

trail running
2 months ago

Nice short run.

can do most of it with a stroller!

We love Smithville Park. The trails are easy enough for kids to walk or bike. They love the playground too. Many picnic tables. Great place for families.

trail running
5 months ago

Great place to run, although on busy days you need to wind your way through the dog obstacles.

8 months ago

Great trail!! I go often. Very enjoyable.

1 year ago

Kayaked 10 miles in December 2015 and the creek was high and smooth. One expected portages at the dam and one unexpected portage over a large tree. Saw lots of geese, ducks and hawks. Peaceful.

Nice park for biking, walking your dog or just stroll

Great Park ! great trails

1 year ago

A nice run from smithville dam to ironworks park

Great walking. Interesting historical site

Great place to walk, historical information is displayed throughout the park. Boardwalk goes over the lake. Very clean and surrounded by beautiful remnants of the Smithville town.

Did a two mile walk, then did a few miles on the bike.. This was a beautiful lake with a lot of bridges, wooden staircases, and lots of resting spaces to enjoy.. I was a bit disapointed that the loop was not 4 miles... Instead the many trails total 4 miles.. Though it was fun to explore and would make for a good jog.. It was not really an intense hike.. But this place is perfect for family stuff!

So much to do and it's beautiful! Whether it's playing at the playground in the woods with the kids or walking the path through the pond or hiking through the woods, you won't be disappointed with this one!

The trail is paved whick makes for easy walking, running, biking and pushing a baby coach. All of which we saw on our journey. There were canoers - which had access to a ramp to bring up the canoe, equped with picnic beaches to enjoy a break. A set of steps to go up a level, a playground, where there was a child birthday party being hosted. We really enjoyed the open space, plus lushness of trees, there are several trails to take, we opted fot the red trail, which is what this review is based on.