1 month ago

Decent trail. Mostly flat. Pretty views. After doing it 3x now-has become a tad boring

Decent trail. Mostly flat. Pretty views. After doing it 3x now-has become a tad boring.

Nice. Few people. Fairly flat. Would have been totally lost without the app.

moderately hilly, nice and shady.

The blue trail is a great after work hike - not too long or difficult, but a nice evening workout.

6 months ago

A great way to spend Sunday morning! I'd start early and just walk the trails....considering running the short one around the lake as well. If you're not hung up on specific trail routes and can figure out which way you're pointing, it's hard to get lost. I brought my All Trails app along and figured out which way I wanted to go. Planning to come back and explore more.

My favorite trail for a easy hike. I always come in from Newman's lane and walk along the lake up to the quarry, then around the back to the parking lot. The one time I crossed Newman's lane, I ended up walking down the Middlebrook Trail until it abruptly ended. This place is my absolute favorite, and I usually end up hiking here once a week when the weather is nice. Both sides of this trail are lovely and relatively easy to walk.

This was not that great due to poorly marked trails, lots trail segments not on the map, bicycle traffic, and the constant noise from the large adjacent quarry and the very busy roads. My biggest frustration was the awful trail marking. Where there are blazes, they use the same colors for "perimeter" and "interior" trails with just a change in the shape of the blaze to indicate which is which. There are several places where each side of a fork in the trail was marked with exactly the same blaze. When trails cross (very dangerous) roads, the trails are not blazed on the opposite side of the road, leaving you to hike about a quarter mile on what you hope is the right trail before you come across a blaze. There are also a ton of connector trails - all blaze with a "C" - making it impossible to differentiate them on a map. Speaking of maps, the park map is pretty much worthless. I was using the All Trails app on my phone, which was much better. This could be a decent hike but Somerset County Parks needs to look to the NJ State Parks or NY NJ Trail Conference to learn how to blaze a trail.The poor blazing, obnoxious mountain bikers, and constant noise make this a "one and done" for me.

Really beautiful foliage here. Scents are great. Ran into a young buck. You can see a lot of houses from the trails (which are not well marked) which kind of kills the illusion of being away from the city. The reservoir is pretty. I went during a rainy day and found myself slipping in some parts that are really steep so wear proper shoes or bring a walking stick.

1 year ago

Nice trails by the lake. Nice cliff views.
Many trails are not marked well at all. Make sure you have a map with you and watch out on the red trail.

This trail is not hard at all for hikers. I would say it is an easy to moderate hike. Views of the lake are very nice. I am fairly certain it would be more fun to hike in Fall and Winter as the narrow trail will be clear off the overgrown grass/vegetation and clear views of the lake through the trees.

Easy hike through the woods and near a lake. We took white trail from parking lot. Folllowed it to the street by the lake dam then a sharp right back on a narrow trail that became the red trail. White trail is marked but not at every intersection. Red trail is very well marked

Me and my boyfriend loved the trail the incline and the beautiful view we hike for 5 hrs and I love the water

It was a good walking. Liked the lake side trail.

This hike on the red trail
Had a little of everything- steep incline on Rocky terrain to start with 2 scenic overlook spots. Great scenery. And ends with flat picturesque hike along the river. Marking could be better. Be aware after first scenic outlook not to miss red trail. It goes up steep rock climb. As you enter an apparent field with a bench, don't stop. Save your resting spot for the river!

Good times. Not much of a challenge but definitely a good spot to get a quick workout. On a less humid day you can really enjoy it since the bugs wont stick to you.