Pleasant environment, well maintained trails, beautiful rebuilt visitors center!!!

This is a beautiful area to hike. It's nice to see what the area used to look like before the area was over populated. It's an easy walk with minimal elevation changes. There's a nice variety of trails that go from out along the edge of the bay and back into the woods. The wildlife and birds are great. Definitely watch for ticks, but luckily the trails are wide enough so you aren't into brush. I've been out here several times over the years, always beautiful.

I started on a nice casual walk and then I was attacked by green heads....wound up running the whole damn trail just to survive.....absolutely horrible

Beautiful view, easy flat terrain, only negative tick infested

9 months ago

11 months ago

It was a nice, easy hike to the water front. Today s little muddy and snowy. Not strenuous at all and still a lot of damage from Sandy- nature center and some trails closed.

Short, easy trail. Nice views of the bay at the end of the road. Multiple osprey nesting sites would make spring/summer an interesting time. Not worth the time if you are looking for something strenuous. The amount of litter on the trail was significant. I give the trail two out of four garbage pails.

I hiked this with my daughter, and my youngest son. Nice walk to the bay and back to the ranger station.

6.7 miles if u hike all the trails except green which still has not reopened since sandy. great place for pictures and even has a small beach

It's a nice little place to gather your thoughts and get a piece of mind. It's busy on the weekends but almost empty on the week days. There are trails that run adjacent to the water as well as trails that navigate through the woods. Great place for a simple hike!

I love Cattus Island. My boyfriend lives close so we go often to kind of just get away for some peace. It's absolutely perfect during the week when it is less crowded. We've ventured through a few different trails and seen a few different views. One trail, however, we did get attacked by Tics so wear bug spray! But this is one of my favorite places to go just for a quiet simple hike.

Awesome hike, very easy but also very entertaining. at the end of the island there were some very nice wooden walkways the Boy Scouts have made, makes for a very nice hike. Lots of extra paths that can take you off of the main trail to get you away from all the people.

This site has a great path for walking or running. Not sure if biking is allowed or not. Check before riding. There is a visitor center and some wooden bridge paths around the beginning. Moving further into the area you will find dirt paths leading far out to the tip of Cattus Island. Far down the path there is a beach. After the beach there are some great boy scout trails at the end that intertwine to the end. Bring bug spray as the flys can be annoying.

Great Hike with the kids. You can Hike the nicely created paths or go off the beaten path for a liger hike.

Great trail to bring the kid on. Cattus Island is complete with a nature center and birding blinds. You can hike to the Bay for a dip.