2 months ago

Fun and relaxing

6 months ago

it was nice. this was my second trail of the day with my pup. he had a nice swim.

6 months ago

I took my 3 sons here because it's 5 minutes away....overall it was a good experience. Some of the trails do end in the surrounding neighborhood & there is a LOT of trash in certain areas. However, there were some little foot bridges that the kids loved & they were able to see a mom w/ducklings, blue jays & a crane. Not a bad trail if you live in the area, but I wouldn't go out of my way to come here.

Despite all the bugs, this is a nice little trail to walk. After the bad storm that happened summer 2015, many trees were knocked down. I have not walked here recently to say whether or not they've been cleaned up yet.

The best hiking place within 15mins of my house. It's near 55 so you can sometimes find yourself under a bridge for the highway but still fun. If you don't want to head out to the pine barrens and want a quick little dose of nature this is the quickest and easiest choice. My dog LOVES it

No one was around so I was able to let my dog wander off-leash and explore the trails. there were some fallen branched on some parts, so be prepared if you plan on biking, but it was a nice woodsy place to have a stroll. :)

Horrible, area is filled with tiny insects that scatter on your body, looks like dirt at first and then they begin moving. All the trails are cut off due to fallen trees and the paths are littered with trash.

road biking
1 year ago

This trail should not be marked for Road Biking. You could mountain bike it, but that would be considered moderate difficulty. This is best for short hiking trip w/ beginners or kids.

The trails here are excellent for a short to medium suburban hike. In the summer you will barely see any house along the trail. There are some unmarked decisions in the trail, but just stay along the creek and it will keep you on the right trail. Excellent birding in these woods during spring and fall migration! If you are really daring you can bushwhack along the creek just past the tressel and make your way to the newly created Tall Pines State Park (formerly Ron Jaworski's Eagles Nest). I've done it, and hopefully at some point the will officially connect the two. On the George Eldridge Trail you can connect with another trail that takes you all the way to GC College, which has miles of trails in and of itself. Many ways to explore this area and make the best of it. Is it Disney land with signage everywhere? No, but the trails are in good shape and its a great escape from suburbia.

I was expecting more trail. The path around the lake is nice, but only covers a half mile. All other paths end up on neighborhood streets or the train tracks. Good parking available, and there was a beautiful crane in the pond behind the lake. I'm not sure how you could get 4.5 miles if trail in here. It's more of a neighborhood stroll

3 years ago

Love this place, nice photos

4 years ago

I took my 3 year old and he loved it. he loved walking over all of the little bridges. we went in nov, and the lake was closed so he couldn't play on the playground. besides that it's a great place for kids.

i love this place. it's a great place to take your dog. and there's a neat tea house and ruins all about. its also closeby =)

This trail SUCKED!!! It was not "woodsy" enough for me. All threw my hike i felt like I was trespassing in someones backyard!! I saw houses all around me and heard the cars on the main road. No markings on the trail, VERY easy to get lost! No good, thumbs DOWN, WILL NEVER GO BACK, will NOT recommend this trail!