Winslow State Park, is located on the northwest slope of Mt. Kearsarge in Wilmot, New Hampshire. The picnic area is on an 1,820-foot plateau with outstanding views of the White Mountains to the north and the taller of the southern and central Vermont peaks. Mt. Sunapee, Ragged Mountain, and Pleasant Lake dominate the closer landscape. A one-mile foot trail leads from the picnic area to the summit of Mt. Kearsarge. A 1- 3/4 mile trail offers a loop possibility.

A beautiful hike with dynamic terrain. We hiked during the early winter and had to deal with some tricky ice patches on the way up. Plus a steady wind at the summit that brings the temp down about 10 degrees. Great views. A few different trail options. Barlow was our choice today!

not in the right place according to your map but a great hike

Rocky is the best description for this loop - definitely. If you like rocks, you'll love it. If you don't like rocks - the view from the top is worth the rocks - do it anyway, it's short. Going down Winslow is dangerous for the clumsy (myself included), take poles to save yourself if you tend to fall sometimes without them (like me).

We hiked up and down the Barlow trail on a clear day in July. The Barlow has a steady incline and a few views towards the top before the summit. It is not too technical but there are the usual rocks and roots throughout. The summit has amazing 360 degree views! The fire tower was not open but it is not necessary for the great views. The summit has plenty of space to take a break and have lunch even if it is busy up there. We decided to go back down the Barlow so I can't speak to the Winslow trail. We will definitely be back!

I gave it 3 stars because of the difficulty of the trail and I am a novice hiker so this review won't be for everyone. It is described as moderate which is fine however there should definitely be a bit more clarification around the conditions. Took Barlow up which is 1.8 miles. The longer trail. So many very large roots and rocks. Lots of scenic points along the way however I found it difficult and word from people going down Winslow steeper going up but better ways to navigate terrain. After doing Barlow legs were crazy tired and then I took Winslow down and there some very rocky parts that are scary. My recommendation do the opposite of what I did today. Takes lots of water and enjoy the windy but beautiful view at the top.

Just look at the contour lines. It's gonna kick your butt.

Agree with the reviewer who stated that this is a difficult hike, much more than a "moderate." Views from the top worth it though!

It is a difficult hike; by no means moderate. Rocks can be slippery when raining. There are no beautiful flowers on the trail.

Really nice, Moderatly easy with a great sight

it was a great hike I went up Winslow to the summit 1.1 miles there was one nice vista a top of some rocks. Then down Rollins .5 miles back up Lincoln .4 miles. There were some nice views from those trails. Finally back down Barlow 1.8 miles. Not bad for kids and or dogs as well.

Trail was good but lots of fallen trees. Summit views were beautiful although I was not expecting the man-made equipment - although I knew there was a fire tower. Coming down yellow trail it hard to spot blazes in a few spots. My dog ( a retriever mix) did great on this trail.

Beautiful views. Great hike for dogs. It was a very busy place this Labor Day Sunday.

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Good for the family..

I hiked the Barlow trail in and out yesterday 8/17/15 in 85 degree heat, by myself. I would not categorize this trail as "easy". It was very rocky, rooty, and rather steep at points. I did enjoy the hike as it was peaceful and serene with great views from the top and stop-off points after the first mile or so up. Being very warm in mid-August, the black flies and Mosquitos were quite bad, so plan on bringing bug spray with you to reapply. The trailhead was easy to find in Winslow State Park. The trail is very narrow so I imagine it would be rather difficult to navigate on a busy day, however I only saw two gentlemen leaving the trail when I first embarked. No other souls all the way up and back. There was a significant bit of rock scaling involved in this hike, so be prepared with good hiking boots. All in all, I enjoyed Mt. Kearsarge and would try it again with a friend in the fall when the foliage is right and the bugs have subsided, now that I know what I'm in for.

I climbed up Winslow and down Barlow. Really perfect day--60 degrees. Took just under three hours to make loop and that includes two steps, one of which was long lunch break. View is breathtaking. I cloned with my adult children and dogs, al of whom like it. About three quarters up Winslow, there's a wonderful ledge-- natural stopping point. Lastly I used walking stick which helps

I love this side much more than the Warner side. It's a bit more challenging.