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White Mountain National Forest lies within the White Mountains in the U.S. states of New Hampshire and Maine. It's crossed by the White Mountain Trail and Kancamagus scenic drives, plus part of the Appalachian Trail. Dating to the 1860s, the Mt. Washington Cog Railway climbs to the summit of Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the northeastern U.S. The area is also known for bright fall foliage and winter skiing.

Winter summit. Snowshoes are a must after all this snow we received, over 10 feet in some places. The summit was whiteout with strong winds from the south west. Cairns and signs are covered by snow pack. please be observant in alpine, low visibility and hidden cairns can lead to loss of trail. Stayed a crag, gray knob was full.

5 days ago

The climb from Beaver Pond to Moosilauke summit is a very challenging and very rewarding hike. Scaling the steep mountainside beside the beautiful, cascading Beaver Brook was exhilarating. Incredible 360-degree views from the summit. Be aware this trail involves scaling several steep and fairly high rock faces. Steps and rebar have been set into the rock to aid in climbing. They say this trail is dog-friendly, but in fact it is NOT suitable for any but the most agile and intrepid dogs.

Girlfriend and I hiked this in February with microspikes. it was a fun hike and took us about 2 hours round trip. The last stretch is pretty steep and we were on all 4s for a bit. Would love to do it again in the summer.

Nice little spot to kayak and enjoy the wildlife. It's a flat, easy walk, so bring a kayak cart if you've got one!

did the hike on Saturday 2/11/17. The trail was packed down quite well by snowshoers, 2-3 feet deep off the trail. ran into more than 30 other hikers along the trail. Used my microspikes and left the snowshoes in the car. Temps around 11 degrees. A great hike - took the avalon tral to the Mt Tom spur. Had so much fun, actually ran down the trail on return. Had a visit from a gray jay at the summit.

Did this as a one night backpack and stayed at Guyot. Gorgeous, exposed summits with some of the most unadulterated views in the Whites. Similar to the Franconia Ridge views but the road is out of site which is refreshing. Guyot was filled to the brim but the steward gave us the sense that they'll always squeeze campers in somewhere or another. One gripe I have with this trail is that the beginning stretch just runs along old railroad tracks. Flat and boring and when you're coming out with your gear and you're exhausted, it seems to stretch forever. Definitely stop for a dip at Franconia Falls. Crowded but picturesque and just a blast. If you mosey upstream a couple hundred yards there's a nice 15-20ft cliff you can jump off, which will be on your right side. Happy trails

13 days ago

One of my favorites the Whites have to offer. Went up the south and down the north in the rain, and while footing was a little sketchy we managed alright. No visibility and it was still gorgeous with the foliage. You get above the timberline early so you're rewarded for a while and quickly. What I enjoyed was the size and difficulty of the trail. For experienced hikers it's an easy trail with just enough elevation of beauty for it to feel worth it, and for beginners it could be a nice challenge but definitely doable. Happy trails

13 days ago

Labor Day weekend 2009. Had an encounter with an unknown animal. Upon reaching the "summit" from the white cabin trail we had lunch. About five minutes into the sandwich we noticed a very pungent odor, it made us stop eating. We packed up our lunch and kept going around. We couldn't see anything upwind of us, and didn't hear anything moving around. Visibility was decent, spotty scrub pine and low bushes. We went further down the trail about 20 minutes to another small clearing to continue our lunch. Almost as my first bite hit my lips did I smell the same pungent odor as before. We both instantly packed up our lunch and hurried down the trail toward the flume. I kept looking back and couldn't see anything following us. I should mention, I am an avid hunter and hiker, and have never experienced anything like this before. I have hiked portions of the Appalachian trail and New England, and the Canadian Rockies. Not sure we'd go back.

Great winter hike, a bit icy but picturesque views on top!

Was a great winter little hike. Will be going back in the spring. I do recommend. Easy going.

19 days ago