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White Mountain National Forest lies within the White Mountains in the U.S. states of New Hampshire and Maine. It's crossed by the White Mountain Trail and Kancamagus scenic drives, plus part of the Appalachian Trail. Dating to the 1860s, the Mt. Washington Cog Railway climbs to the summit of Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the northeastern U.S. The area is also known for bright fall foliage and winter skiing.

Hike this trail in winter!

Good cardio workout. Great view from the top.
I took the trail from Tripoli road and reached the summit. There is a path that leads to East Mt. Osceola from the Mt. Osceola summit which is pretty steep. There is one big rocky steep which is called "chimney" by the hikers. There is an alternate route right beside the chimney which is a bit easier. I took the other route to descend while hiking to East Mt. Osceola. There are a couple of good views on this trail but East Mt. Osceola summit doesn't offer any view. Hiked back through Mt. Osceola climbing the chimney. Hiking chimney was fun. Lovely hike.

Great hike, very rocky. Entered via tripoli road and bagged East Osceola also

This trail is definitely not "moderate". We followed the map above on the alltrail app and it led us up a pretty steep climb to the first summit, we looped around, and on our way back saw the second "summit" view, which was nice. But looping back to our car was a horrible way down. It was a straight shot down a rock wall, a tiny foot path, our dogs struggled, & we slipped multiple times. We skidded down on our butts which left us soaked.. Although the view was ok, I don't think we will be coming back, as it was hard to navigate the other trails which may have been easier..

Went early over the weekend after a recent snowfall. Rock face going up to first peak was a bit icy and challenging, but manageable. Beautiful views throughout the hike. The way down was not as slippery which was a relief. Snowy on one side which was really pretty... even saw some bear tracks! Had a really nice time! Note there is a $3 parking fee for the parking lot, so bring some cash or a check.

I did this hike in the beginning of October. I am 18 and I brought 3 girls I nanny, two 8 year olds, and an 11 year old. This was a challenging hike but well worth it!!!! It was on and off drizzling. Took about 8 1/2 hours... I would suggest bringing duct tape since the entire bottoms of both of my hiking boots ripped off not even one mile in the hike...met some kind lady's about 2miles up who had a small supply of tape but didn't last very long... it was very hard to hike with no sole on my shoes, very slippery, and lots of free falling rocks.. wasn't till about 4-5hours in the hike when I was about half way through the loop when I met a group of men who also had someone in their group who's soul had started to rip off but not as bad as mine.. they had a whole role of duct tape which was very helpful.. but at the end of the hike they fell off again. I would highly suggest duct tape and some shoe glue for this hike.. The kids I were with never hiked a mountain.. they really pushed them selfs to get up and down this mountain.. It was hard at some points when they wanted to give up but they made it!!! Make sure you bring lots of water and food! Lastly I would suggest you bring extra layers and gloves... PLEASE DON'T FORGET A HEAD LAMP!!!!!!! I was dumb and stopped at the Greenleaf hut, when it was starting to get dark... The man who worked at the hut was nice enough and gave me a head lamp for free!! We were in the pitch dark for 15mins... this was very hard since all the kids were in a panic!! But as soon as we got to the car around 7:30 they were fine. Overall this is a beautiful trail!!! Just remember to be fully prepared for high winds and strong weather changes when you get to the top!!

it was pretty basic, mostly just a walk in the forest alongside a river towards the middle

13 days ago

As my second Mountain this was the hardest obviously. At 4,500 feet the 4.5 mile trail was short but very rocky and uphill, stopped a lot but probably one of the easier 4000footers I'm sure.

It has been years, but my legs still burn when I think about the climb. The views are incredible, from the waterfall to the vistas. The crowds are a bit much. It can be windy, rainy, snowing or icy at a moments notice. Be prepared and be careful because this is a dangerous and real mountain. It reminded me more of a fourteen thousand footer.

14 days ago

Decent hike with gradual elevation with two water crossing. I went with my Meetup group with 17 others. It was cloudy and didn't get any good view. We hiked back on ski trail which wasn't open for skiing. It was a mile lesser than the trail. We did butt slide on the ski trail and it was a lot of fun. We finished the loop in less than 4 hours

18 days ago

November 22, 2016 (descent): We started from the junction with the Piper Trail. The trail ascends, slightly, up to the old tower on Middle Sister. The trail, though somewhat hard to see, descends behind the radio tower. It is steep and rocky for the next stretch to the Carter Ledge Trail. This trail appears to have been neglected for some time.

I agree that the YELLOW trail was tough to follow but not impossible. Just give yourself a little extra time for the half dozen or so places you'll need to hunt for a marker. Having a map and compass will keep you going in the right direction. Nice views from the top .. enjoy!

An overnight to the shelter by the pond is awesome

20 days ago

Took air line to Mt Adams, which was a steady and unforgiving incline. I did not enjoy the trail until i was above tree line. Incredible views from that point on with lots of fun scrambling. I was lucky the weather was unusually warm this time of year (late November) or else the scrambling and following the trail above tree line would have been difficult with ice and snow everywhere. I should've peak bagged to Madison like others did, regrets!!!