25 days ago

Great winter hike, we got a neat perspective from Jennings even with the clouds. Very steep terrain but we managed with microspikes.

Nice hike, not a lot of views, but quiet.

Beautiful hike. Steep incline for the first mile but then it evens out on the ridge line. The trail is easy to follow but doesn't look like it sees much use. When you get to the intersection w/ the Doublehead trail definitely take a left and follow it for a short bit. The view from the rock ledge is breathtaking.

4 months ago

Interesting seldom used trail. Starts up fairly steeply right from the start. At about 0.7 miles takes a sharp right up a series of somewhat challenging ledge scrambles and then continues steeply to the ridgetop. The next mile is failry flat with a dip down to a saddle and climb back up to the summit of Doublehead. There is an area of puncheons and they are in poor condition; stepping on the end of one resulted in the opposite end rising into the air. There is an interesting view north which includes a great close up view of the ledges of Welch ad Dickey loop trail I highly recommend continuing past the summit to the junction with the Doublehead Trail and following that trail down 0.1 miles to a ledge with extensive views to the south including everything in an arc from the Ossippee Mountians to Mounts Morgan and Percival. The trail is in very good condition. It appears that it gets more use by moose than by people. They are keeping the hobblebush and moose maples cropped back along the trail. There were moose tracks in all the muddy areas and moose poop everywhere.

Today was a humid day and it has been raining on and off for a week before this hike and the trails were showing it. Slippery rocks, roots and it looks like it does not get much sun on this trail. I won't be going on this trail again, not much for views and lots of moss on the rocks. The pictures I took was from Jenning peak, which is on the way to Sandwich Dome. Sandwich Dome peak was disappointing, narrow views and not much room for hikers (4 comfortably).