I hike all the trails at oak hill a few times a wk. The side trails are much more quiet than the tower trail. People are very friendly and it's a very dog friendly place. I see most dogs of leash, they are all friendly. I love all the trails.

Nice easy trail decent views from tower , nice in the fall

Nice easy trail.

2 months ago

Great for all over 8yo. Nice picnic area by tower (see my pics). If you want a little harder single track hike (about 6 miles long) walk the outermost loop (see my track).

3 months ago

Good hike for this fat kid just starting to get back into hiking.

5 months ago

Fred was awesome

Very nice trail. Easy for all,even pets.

7 months ago

We've done the Tower trail to the fire tower and decided to hit some of the lower trails. There are a lot of turns and trails that you can take to vary this up a lot to make it different each time. Good views from the vista in this area and some nice climbs on the Murray Bluff trail.

An easy and quick hike. Lots of trails in the area, about 7 miles in total, so can vary it up a lot over multiple trips. Great for dogs and families and a nice view from the fire tower.

very nice hike for me and my 3 yr old.

nice hike, the kids and I will do that one again.

Had a lovely day enjoying the warmer temps and no rain. My boys and I spent a couple of hours poking our way through this trail. Really great to be back outdoors!

Take the Shaker Road entrance for a better hike. Views from atop the tower are great