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Easy and pretty way to go on the top. It took me 3 hours for the round trip.

on Lost Pond Trail

23 days ago

Went on this trail on an overnight with my school. Hiked this trail on the second day when it was raining. Very peaceful when I got to Lost Pond. Had lunch on a flat rock, and the trail was easy to me. I hiked up Glenn Boulder the day before, and it tired me and my legs out. This trail on the other hand was a very easy trail, minimal large slopes, extremely easy to hike even with a large pack on, and is also a great view in the rain.

The first 15 minutes is very easy and then it's steep from there. I put my spikes about 1 mile from the summit, although one hiker didn't put spikes on at all. The sky was crystal clear so I had great views of Washington, Monroe, and Jefferson and could see for miles past! The cairns on the summit were amazing!! Fairly windy up top, so you might want face gear if you want to last more than 10 minutes at the summit. The trail was moderately trafficked and it took me 2.5 hours to go up and 1.5 hour to get down. (I ran down pretty much).

This was my first 4k and it's a heckuva way to start! There was a fair amount of snow on the ground when we hiked it and it was a relatively warm day, so it got a little slippery as the day progressed. Decided to abort when we got to the rock scrambling above the tree line. We'd done rock scrambling before (but not in the Whites) without problem but that first big scramble left you feeling like one slip and you're tumbling on down the mountain. That combined with high wind and slippery snow, which also led to uncertain footing, led us to reluctantly abort.

The hike was beautiful and manageable, with amazing views, up until the scramble above the tree line, which is not for the faint of heart or on a wet day. Found out later this trail is rated as one of the 25 or so most difficult trails in the Whites. What a way to start! We went big AND went home - a little disappointed but a lot wiser!

Beautiful spot not to be missed. Easy for the kids and a short walk to the falls. Beautiful spot

Awesome hike. Perfect conditions yesterday... 10/17.

1 month ago

Fun trail. Was a bit slippery after the alpine zone started. Top was great though. I'm fat and kind of in shape so "hard" sounds about right. I did have feelings of "I'm not sure I can make it" about a third of the way in but that may have been me working through the pitcher of beer and pizza from the night before. Overall a lot of fun

Love this app

Great trail with amazing views. My brother highly recommended this trail and I now know why. I descended via the Jewell which makes a great loop around the Cog.

This is a nice trail for a dry day. I had rain as sleet wich makes for a slow decent. One of a couple trails in the area to stay off in bad weather but we'll worth it on a good day.

Short little hike down to the falls, very beautiful! I went off the trail and down the river a little ways, just as beautiful!

2 months ago

Very pretty hike. Tons of waterfalls. Took 5 hrs to the top. Rode the cogway down, which was $50 one way. Not worth that price unless you are really tired.. As others have mentioned, this is a stairmaster of a hike. The middle 0.8 miles is 35%. Don't kid yourself, it's just short of rock climb. I wouldn't call it dangerous unless you don't check the forecast or are in bad shape. I'm 6'0" and 250lb and did fine. But my legs are strong.

This was my first hike up to mt. Washington summit. Was w a friend who has done it about 6 times . Took us 4.5 hours up. A lot tougher than I thought. Be prepared w layers of clothing rain gear hat gloves, and an extra shirt to change into at summit, Due to the sweat. 80% of the time the trail was a stairway of damp slippery rocks. The trail was a little tricky after the hut. When you are in the back of the hut go to the left follow the markers than to the cairns to the summit . We took the cog down which was worth every bit of $48.

2 months ago

Rock climbing when approaching the cliff. This is NOT an easy trail. Do not get confused. Only the first half of this trail is shown here.